Radha Mohan 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd January 2024 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan Written Update

Today's Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam 3rd January 2024 episode starts with Narmada asking Tulsi's soul to tell her who killed her, and who is in Mohan's body.

Radha also murmurs that Tulsi should tell the murderer's name, only then possessed Mohan point his finger at Damini, and says Damini has killed her.

Gungun stands crying while Radha consoles her, but Gungun continues to be in tears saying Damini has killed her mother.

Possessed Mohan says only Damini has killed her, that too by giving hardships.

Kaveri whispers to Damini that possessed Mohan exposed them, and now no one can save them.

In the meantime, Damini tries to deny Mohan's allegation saying he is lying, and that they haven't done anything like that, to which Narmada says if her daughter is lying.

Damini says there is no Tulsi's soul, but it's a Radha-Mohan trap, to frame her, and Mohan says to Damini that she is lying, and is such a liar, but now he'll punish her for her deeds.

Kaveri asks Damini to do something, otherwise, they won't be saved today while Mohan moves forward toward them, while Damini tries to stop him.

She even asks family members to stop him.

Kadambari and Rahul try to stop Mohan, but in vain, thus Damini and Kaveri run away, scared by Mohan, and hide in the temple behind god's idol.

Possessed Mohan says today even god won't save them, and didn't they remember god when they killed her.

Radha consoles Gungun and asks Narmada to take Gungun with her, as Gungun shouldn't see all this.

Narmada asks what about Tulsi's soul, to which Radha says she'll tell Narmada about it later.

However, currently she should go take Gungun from there, as she doesn't want Gungun to have any trauma about it, and Narmada and Gungun go from there.

The family members go toward the temple to stop him while Damini says they have to escape from there and tries to escape from there, through different directions, but Mohan keeps stopping them.

Afterwards Mohan tries to climb the temple steps to reach Damini and Kaveri but can't do that, and Damini and Kaveri feel they are safe there.

Only then, Mohan see a stone there and takes it to throw it at Damini and Kaveri, making them scared, and the family members try to stop Mohan.

Mohan says now no one can save Damini and Kaveri from him, and is about to throw a stone but Rahul comes in the middle and tries to stop him saying, he is doing wrong.

Mohan strangles Rahul and tries to kill him saying he is stopping him from punishing the murderers, so he won't leave him.

The family members get worried and try to save Rahul from Mohan, but in vain when Radha gets an idea to calm Tulsi's soul and she plucks some Tulsi's leaves from the plant and mixes it with Ganga jal.

She takes it to Mohan and starts sprinkling sacred water on Mohan, which makes Mohan leave Rahul.

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