Radha Mohan 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd July 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 3rd July 2023 episode starts with Radha and Mohan returning home as Radha's mind keeps thinking about everything that Mandira told her.

Mohan notices her upset mood and tells her that she should let go of her tears while suggesting that they check in at a hotel so that they can cry together.

Radha asks him why he would cry and he tells her that they have a special connection.

She tells him that even though her mother doesn't love her, she loves her Gungun very much and they need to reach home before 12 as it's Gungun's birthday.

Mohan tells her that she is a human before being Gungun's mother and tells her to take a break while Radha says that mothers are never on a break.

Just then, they get a call from Ketki who tell them to return home soon as all the preparations for Gungun's surprise party have been done.

Radha tells her that they are on their way and disconnects the call as Ajeet and Ketki go back to their room.

Gungun wakes up stating that she knows the elders of the family have planned a surprise party for her and thanks Tulsi for giving birth to her before going to sleep.

She goes back to sleep while Damini and Kaveri are outside her room with a basket smirking as they say that this is going to be Gungun's last birthday.

Back in the car, Radha and Mohan argue about who loves Gungun more and decide that the one who brings a more precious gift for Gungun will win the title.

Radha tells him that she needs his help and he starts boasting about his money.

She scolds him telling him that she has also gotten her paycheck for the last month and shyly states that she wants to give Gungun a sibling.

Mohan asks her where can they buy it but breaks the car in shock once he realizes what Radha has said.

Back at home, Damini lets out the cat from the basket while Gungun thinks that it's a gift from Radha and goes after the cat.

Flashback shows Damini laying cat food that leads to the terrace where Kaveri has broken the fence to make Gungun fall from there.

Kaveri laughs saying that everyone will think that it is an accident and that both Gungun and Tulsi will be out of their hair.

Tulsi cries for her daughter while praying to lord Banke Bihari to give her enough strength to save Gungun.

In the car, Mohan tells Radha to think before speaking while Radha tells him that a sibling is the best gift for Gungun.

Mohan gets flustered and asks her if she wants it now in the moving car while Radha tells him that there is time for that.

She laughs as she tells him that they have to think about a gift for Gungun as she would kill them otherwise.

Radha starts talking about how she imagined her life with Mohan and Gungun and had even thought of naming their future daughter Tulsi.

Mohan's mood turns sour as he states that his daughter's name will never be Tulsi as Tulsi is the name of the world's worst mother.

Back at home, Gungun goes after the cat while Tulsi tries to go after her and gets worried noticing the broken fence of the terrace.

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