Radha Mohan 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd June 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 3rd June 2023 episode starts with Radha gripping the pin and tries to unscrew the screw which is tight against the thick board that covers the exit panel.

However, as she opens it she encounters a fast-moving fan.

Meanwhile, Mohan's hands are hanging from the ceiling and Gungun, who is observing this, begins crying.

Mohan reassures Gungun that he is very powerful and that he does not need to worry about him.

Mohan tells Ajit and Rahul to wipe their tears away, and Damini sensing Mohan's pain, wonders whether it hurts too much.

He ignores her and instructs everyone to seek for Radha, who has yet to be discovered, and the inspector yells and directs the other cops to throw the Trivedis out of the police station.

Hearing this, Kadambari becomes enraged and asks the inspector how he can lock Mohan up and beat him so heartlessly.

The inspector is enraged by Kadambari's dare to command a police officer and mutters that he will also lock Kadambari up alongside Mohan.

The entire Trivedi family leaps on the inspector and points fingers at him, warning him not to even think of doing that.

Damini, on the other hand, tells the inspector angrily to mind his language because he is disputing with Kadambari Trivedi.

The inspector, enraged, decides to lock everyone up in his police station for threatening him, and Kadambari terrified, apologizes on everyone's behalf.

Meanwhile, Radha becomes frightened when she sees the fast-moving fan and is unsure how to overcome this obstacle.

She mutters that she has no other choice but to head back and start over, and as she turns, the tunnel begins to move making Radha even more terrified.

She loses control and slides in front of the fan, mumbling that the tunnel is about to collapse and that she must save herself immediately.

Kadambari, however, wishes to side with the inspector and discuss about Mohan with him, to which he grudgingly agrees.

Damini sobs when she sees Mohan's condition and Mohan orders Kekti to inform Damini that she leave.

Damini agrees with Mohan's requests, muttering angrily about how Bhushan hampered her life and instead of helping made Mohan's condition worse.

Kadambari begs the inspector to let Mohan go but the inspector demands 10-15 lakhs, claiming that Mohan committed a crime by raising his hand against a police officer, and that if he does not receive money, he will destroy his life.

Hearing this, Kadambari explodes in wrath and smacks the inspector right and left, justifying each slap.

She yells about how he is misusing his position and tarnishing the reputation of police officers, and the inspector threatens to punish her as well.

Kadambari begins to act, claiming that she did not beat him and demanding proof, pointing out that no one witnessed her smacking him.

She exits the room and the inspector mutters that he will exact this vengeance on Mohan.

Meanwhile, Radha sobs because she is unsure what she will do or how she will save herself.

The inspector demands the stick in wrath, while Kadambari orders him not to dare to harm Mohan again.

Meanwhile, the commissioner intervenes and inquires as to who gave the inspector the authority to treat Mohan thus callously.

The commissioner insults the inspector, but the inspector explains why Mohan raised his hand at him in the first place.

The commissioner informs that he knows Mohan came to report a missing report against her wife, but instead of taking action, the inspector misbehaved with him.

Meanwhile, the tunnel splits in two, causing Radha to slip towards the fan and get her hair caught within it.

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