Radha Mohan 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Gungun moving forward towards the table underneath is the mask and as she is about to remove the table cloth to find the mask.

Just then, Yug stops her and asks what's she searching while Gungun can't answer while Yug says to her that he knows she and her father love to sneak in his house but today is his son's birthday thus he expects them to eat the cake and leave.

Then, he warns Gungun to not show oversmartness or act like adults because she is still a child while the children complains that they are getting late and Radha says to Yug that the cake hasn't arrived yet.

After that, Yug says the cake can't come as no one in Delhi is delivering cake before 3 to 4 hours and Mohan too will order from there only.

Just then, Mohan comes there with a cake with makes Manan happy while Mohan asks Pari to take the cake inside after which, Manan requests Radha to let Mohan attend the party as he has even brought the cake.

Further, Radha allows Mohan to join the party while Mohan agrees and says that he had told Radha that she'll invite him herself.

Later, they start to celebrate Manan's birthday after which Radha gives him a knife to cut the cake but Manan gets scared remembering the kidnapper while Mohan motivates him to cut the cake.

After that, Manan cuts the cake and feed Radha after which Yug leans to eat the cake by Manan but Manan feeds Mohan first which shocks Yug and Radha.

Meanwhile, Mohan feeds back the cake to Manan and they share a hug after which Radha adores them while Yug moves forward to Manan but Gungun says that she wants to click a picture with Manan.

She asks Yug to click their picture while Manan drags Radha with him for the photo and Gungun drags Mohan after which Yug curses Gungun and thinks to kill her.

Further, Manan gets scared when the kids blast the balloons and Mohan tries to console him also motivates him to blast the balloons but he can't.

After that, Mohan says that he'll remove his fear by magic and goes to bring a birthday gift for Manan while Yug thinks that the fear he has built in Yug can't be removed.

There, Ketki asks Meera to fight for her rights as she has given her 7 years to Mohan while Kadambari thinks if Radha comes back this time she'll be exposed.

On the other hand, Mohan comes home and goes back to Manan's party taking his gift after which he gifts him Bhagwat Gita shocking Radha.

He and Radha tell him about the value of Bhagwat Gita and he advises Manan to listen to Bhagwat Gita from Radha before sleeping after which Manan gets impressed with Mohan's knowledge about Bhagwat Gita.

Meanwhile, Radha spills that Mohan has that knowledge due to her which makes Yug question her.

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