Radha Mohan 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with the inspector instructing the constable to circulate the van number to all the police stations when Yug thinks that Mohan is the bad luck of his life and adds that they find Manan or not, but soon Mohan will go missing.

The inspector assures Yug that they will find Manan soon and Yug says that they better find him fast or he will kill someone.

Then, Mohan asks Meera to take Shalgam home and inform everyone that he might get late while Meera leaves, asking him not to take much stress.

Mohan says that he is worried about Mrs. Kohli which makes Yug insecure.

Meanwhile, Radhika is on the way to the police station while Manan is locked inside the classroom, still shouting for help.

Meera gets back home and Gungun asks her if they found Manan and Shalgam says that she is very scared since she has seen in the movies that kidnappers kill the kids he kidnaps.

Ketki asks Meera to take Shalgam to her room and she says that Radha deserves it since she keeps on showing off and throwing attitude to her.

Gungun is shocked to know that Manan is Radha's kid when Ketki says that she wishes they never find Manan.

This makes Ajeet angry and he slaps her, asking her not to take such things about an innocent kid and adds that if she hates Radha then let it be limited to Radha only.

He says that the same could have happened to Shalgam so she should be careful about her words.

On the other hand, Manan sits beside the bench, exhausted, still shouting for help when he feels hot.

He tries to switch the fan on but is unable to reach the switch and feels thirsty when recalls how Radha told him to drink water slowly when he is thirsty.

In the meantime, Gungun goes to the God idol, recalling the moments she spent with Manan, and says to it that she doesn't believe in God but Manan is a kid and he should not do this to him.

Back at the school, Manan cries, missing Radha, and adds that Radhika says that when one has no one, he should think about the god and he will send help.

He starts chanting his name while Radhika and Mohan do the same.

Concurrently, the inspector informs Yug that the information has been sent to the police station and they will find Manan soon.

Then, Yug gets Poonam's call and she asks him about Manan, so he tells her the same kidnapping story.

Poonam doesn't believe him and asks him to tell the truth which surprises him as he says how she knew.

He adds that no one will get to know what he did with Manan and he will be dead soon.

He says that if Poonam tells anyone about this, he will kill himself.

This worries her and she asks her not to do any such thing and he disconnects the call.

Just then, Radha reaches the station and goes straight to the inspector, asking him about Manan when Mohan comes from behind and Radha turns and hugs him without realizing it is Mohan not Yug while Mohan hugs her back.

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