Radha Mohan 4th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 4th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha telling Gungun to share things with her parents because sometimes small mistakes lead to big problems.

People sometimes hit a human or an animal and do not even check in them and run away.

If they start realizing their mistakes, the world can be a better place.

She asks Gungun to promise her not to drive till she is eighteen while Gungun promises her putting her hand on Radha’s which makes her say that she feels like hugging Gungunand has been longing to hug her for years.

Without waiting for Gungun’s answer, she hugs her and recalls her past with Gungun.

Just then, Mohan reaches home to get the reports while Radha is inside and Gungun asks her not to complain.

Radha tells her not to hide anything from their parents as Gungun asks her to leave.

Radha leaves but before she does, she asks her name and Gungun says her name is Gunjan.

She sees Mohan coming and hides Radha while Manan hits Mohan’s car mirror with a ball and he hides.

He comes there angry shouting and asking who hit it while Meera calms him down.

Meanwhile, Mohan goes inside and finds Gungun who says that he does not need to worry as she will get the reports all by herself which makes him think that Gungun is growing up and becoming responsible.

She goes inside while Radha hides behind a wall near him.

He advances towards it as Gungun wishes that Radha and Mohan do not come face to face and Gungun brings the reports just when he is about to reach the wall.

She gives it to him and sends him away saying he should leave now or he will miss the appointment.

He goes and Radha comes and says that she must leave but Gungun asks her to leave from the other door.

She shows her the way and Radha goes out while Mohan and Meera stand outside on the other side.

She searches for Manan while Kadambari sees her and thinks what is she doing here and says in her mind that last time she was spared but this time she will expose her.

She worries about her finding Mohan.

Meanwhile, Manan pills Radha behind the car and her anklet slips off which reflects on Mohan.

Seeing this, Kadambari thinks about why Radha is hiding and suspects if she knows about them.

On the other hand, Manan tells her that he broke the glass of Mohan’s car by mistake after which Radha asks him to apologize for his mistake.

He encourages him to say sorry to Mohan but he is scared and asks her to go home.

She sees Mohan’s shoes gets scared herself and agrees to return.

Just when Mohan picks up her anklet, she goes while Kadambari thinks to herself that she separated them with a lot of struggles but now it seems like they will be back together.

Mohan picks up the anklet and recalls her past when Radha gave her a bracelet with his initials on it.

He asks the god about the signs he wants to give him and wonders if Radha was here.

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