Radha Mohan 4th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 4th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Manan saying to Mohan that he used to think only Radha knows about the Bhagwat Gita but he knows about it too while Radha remembers her and Mohan's past moments and spills that she has told him about it only.

This makes Poonam scared while Yug is shocked after which he questions Radha what does she mean after which Mohan handles the situation saying few days before Radha has told him about Bhagwat Gita so he thought that only Bhagwat Gita can be the best gift for Manan.

He adds, that Radha is reading Bhagwat Gita since the age of 6 and he must have known about it while Yug agrees saying he knows everything about Radha.

Then, Mohan asks Manan to always keep Bhagwat Gita with him safely after which he takes his leave from the party while Ketki tries to convince Meera that she is making a huge mistake by not trying to get Mohan and she'll regret for it.

Meanwhile, Meera says that no one can regret after supporting the right thing, as Mohan is very happy with Mohan and she just wants Mohan's happiness nothing else.

On the other hand, Gungun asks Manan to not get scared by the mask afterward if he finds it and asks him to call her as she'll take that mask away.

After that, she leaves while the family members members also go inside while Yug decides to get rid of the mask before anyone suspect him.

Further, Yug sets the mask of fire saying today with the mask his every secret will be burnt and leaves from there as he goes Gungun comes and pours water on the burning mask concluding Yug is the culprit after which she decides to expose him.

Later, Mohan waits for Gungun at the house just then she comes and Mohan calls her while Gungun thinks she can't tell Mohan about Yug before Radha also Yug is clever thus she has to find more proofs.

There, Mohan asks Gungun's phone to print out the photo of him with Radha, Manan, and Gungun and says that they are world to them.

As he goes Gungun says that she'll make him get back his world while Radha thinks to do something as Mohan is coming close to her and she is unable to hold her feelings.

The next day, Yug confronts Radha that if she knows Mohan from the past while Radha asks Yug to not focus on Trivedi's family as she doesn't like them and doesn't want them to have any impact on their lives.

Further, she comes to Trivedi's house with Manan and sends him to play with Gungun while she makes Mohan meet Khattar so they can talk about selling the house and buy the new one making everyone shocked.

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