Radha Mohan 5th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 5th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan holding Radha’s anklet and telling himself that he is just overthinking and there is nothing like he thinks when Gungun comes and asks if he is hiding something.

He hides the anklet and says he isn’t but she is , making her nervous.

Right then, he gets Ketki’s call asking him to pick Shalgam up from the tuition as she is going to Gurgaon for a meeting and there are a lot of traffic jams.

Mohan says that he is already busy and thus can't but Ketki pretends that the network is poor and disconnects the call saying thanks to Mohan for picking up Shalgam.

Mohan gets annoyed saying he has to take Kadambari to the hospital and does not have time to pick up Shalgam when Meera offers to help him by taking Kadambari to the checkup while he picks Shalgam.

They both go their way and Mohan picks up Shalgam and goes to the temple.

She asks him why they are here at the temple and Mohan tells him it is an important part of their culture and teaches her a lot more about it asking her not to become an atheist like Gungun.

Radha is also in the same temple along with Manan and goes to worship when Manan frees himself and runs somewhere else.

Then a girl comes to Mohan asking him to buy flowers from her which reminds him of her past.

He recalls how Radha used to offer a red rose to the god.

Shalgam refuses to buy the rose but Mohan buys it from her.

Meanwhile, Mohan talks to the god saying he had lost hope and belief in him but Radha made him believe in the god again.

He further requests the god to make him meet Radha as he wants to find answers to his questions.

At the same time, Radha enters from behind but they both are unaware of each other’s presence.

Shalgam asks him why the offer red rode to the god and he tells her the same thing Radha told her earlier.

Radha also comes there and bows before the god when Mohan leaves but he doesn’t see her.

She feels his presence there and looks back but he is gone.

She prays to god to take her out of these complicated feelings and requests him to keep her away from her past.

She offers him a red rose while the rose offered by Mohan gets stuck in her sleeves and she goes to put it back.

Manan asks her not to put it back as the god gave it to her as prashaad.

She goes to take a holy round when she hears some women talking about the recent kidnapping and they ask Radhika to sing a bhajan.

She agrees and sings while Mohan hears it, making him say that it is Radha’s voice, and goes back to the temple.

While Radha sings the bhajan, Manan runs away from there and clashes with Mohan and Radha finishes her bhajan but doesn’t find Manan there.

She gets worried and searches for him while Manan tells Mohan that his mother is singing the bhajan.

This makes Mohan ask him if he could meet his mother and ask if his mother’s name is Radha.

He agrees and takes him to her while Mohan sees her from behind and gets shocked. 

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