Radha Mohan 5th June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 5th June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 5th June 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 5th June 2023 episode starts with Radha falling hard onto the floor.

As her body strikes the icy tiles of the cold storage, she screams in pain as all the heavy boxes cover her.

Meanwhile, Damini and the inspector talk, and Tulsi overhears their conversation and discovers that Bhushan is also involved.

However, Damini demands that Mohan be released but the inspector refuses because Mohan dared to raise his hand against him.

Damini, noting the inspector's obstinacy, asks if there is any CCTV in the room which the inspector denies, and Damini begins hitting her head against the cupboard.

The inspector is terrified when he notices Damini acting strangely and asks her what she is doing.

As a result of the hammering, blood begins to flow down Damini's forehead prompting her to slap herself and flee the room, crying for help.

When the inspector notices this he mutters that all the women in the Trivedi family are insane and chases her down.

When Damini arrives outside, she tears and informs everyone that the inspector began abusing her as she demanded Mohan's bail.

The commissioner erupts in rage and confronts the inspector asking on whose orders he did this to Damini.

The inspector swears he did nothing and that Damini tormented herself in the room.

Meanwhile, Kekti recalls how she documented the incident in which the cops misbehaved with Mohan first and interrogated him inappropriately.

Kekti immediately shows this to the commissioner, who yells angrily that he is now going to issue a written order suspending the inspector.

Fearing suspension, the inspector declares that he will tell the truth and explain where the incident began.

However, Damini and Kaveri are worried since the inspector is going to reveal Bhushan's true identity and Damini yells at him.

She gently murmurs that if the inspector tells the truth, he will pay twice the price while the inspector claims that his ego caused Mohan to be imprisoned.

The inspector begs Kadambari for forgiveness and rushes into the prison, swiftly opening Mohan's hand.

However, as a result of the tremendous thrashing, Mohan loses control and falls to the floor, terrifying everyone.

Ajit and Rahul hurry into the jail and take Mohan outside while Kadambari begs them to take Mohan to the hospital right now.

Mohan insists on going to find Radha first but the commissioner asks Mohan to rest first and then assist in the search for Radha.

Mohan murmurs that he, too, is going to join the commissioner in his search for Radha, but Gungun informs him that he needs to rest first while she, Kadambari, and Kekti will go for Radha.

She goes on to say that Banke Behari is always there for them and always supports honest people, which irritates Damini.

Gungun clasps her hand and prays to Lord Krishna to show them a path to Radha, while the wrapper appears in front of Gungun.

Gungun notices the wrapper and says this is the same wrapper she gave Radha while handing her the chocolate.

She tells Mohan not to disregard the hint and to believe what she is saying, and Mohan wonders if anyone other than the Trivedi's entered the police station from outside.

The constable then murmurs that a man came to the station to complain about his cold storage catching fire.

This information frightens Damini and Kaveri while the constable points his finger at the guard that the owner came to complain about.

Mohan sees him and recalls how he confronted him earlier in the cold storage and hurries outside, while Damini mutters about Radha being dead by now.

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