Radha Mohan 5th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 5th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha bringing the dealer Khattar and says that she has brought Khattar as Mohan wanted to sell his house and being a neighbor she can do this atleast for him.

This makes the family members shocked while Kadambari smirks then Khattar says that he has made him select this house with great difficulty and now he wants to sell that too.

He adds, that he is ok with it as he would get the commission but the discount shouldn't be asked then Radha says that he'll get the brokerage as much as he wants.

After that, Khattar asks that how much rate Mohan wants in exchange of the house while Mohan asks him to leave saying he'll call him later after thinking about that.

As the dealer goes Radha asks Manan to come as they have to pack the bags too while Mohan asks where is she going, after which Radha says that she is going to Barsana.

She adds, that Mohan should leave the house until she'll be back otherwise she'll leave forever from there with Manan and her husband Yug will come along with her too.

Meanwhile, Mohan says that she can't take his son away from him while Radha says she can because Manan isn't his son.

Just then, Manan comes there with Gungun and Radha leaves with him while Mohan says he has to think of a way to stop Radha.

After that, Gungun thinks before Mohan does anything she has to do something too while Radha packs the bags saying she has to go away from Mohan with Manan.

There, Ketki asks Mohan to show some self respect but he stays firm while Gungun calls Radha and asks her to meet her as she wants to tell her something about Yug related to Manan.

On the other hand, Yug takes her call instead of Radha and he wonders what's the meaning of RaMa then he decides to kill Gungun.

Further, Mohan gets an idea to prove Manan is his son by seeing Ketki's hairfall while Kadambari worries that Radha and Manan will come.

Later, Gungun messages Radha to come in the street near her school but Yug has Gungun's phone thus he decides to go and kill Gungun so she can't tell Radha about him.

There, Radha finds Manan missing and worries for him while Gungun comes to meet Radha where she confesses Yug's crime to Radha's statue placed by Yug unaware of the fact.

Ahead, Yug scares her and tries to kill her but Champi helps Gungun after which she also notices the wound on Yug's leg then she decides to reveal the truth to Radha.

However, Yug follows Gungun and she runs with Champi while he gets Radha's call to ask about Manan but he didn't pick it up.

Just then, he sees Gungun hiding with Champi.

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