Radha Mohan 5th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 5th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan saying that he has the biggest relationship with Manan which they don't get but make, which is made on trust more than the blood.

Meanwhile, Radha gets tensed listening to him thinking if he gets to know that Manan is his son just then Mohan says that Manan is his friend thus he won't go anywhere until he gets found.

After that, Yug says that he hates if someone tries to come near to his family.

There, Manan holds the iron scale with the help of a cloth and tries to reach the bulb but can't after which he pulls a bench under the bulb and removes his shows before standing over the bench.

Further, he tries to move the bulb to make it lighten again but it breaks falling on the bench and the glass pieces hurts Manan's feet.

On the other hand, Mohan says to Yug that he knows it that Yug doesn't like him so he'll sit away from Yug and Radha but won't go anywhere until Manan gets found.

However, Yug is about to go towards him but Radha stops him saying let Mohan be there as it would be good if someone else stay with them too for the help while Yug gets suspicious that before only Mohan tries to be close to Radha but now even Radha is stopping him what's the matter.

After that, Radha takes Yug from there and he sits on a bench outside while Radha thinks that Yug wants to know Mohan and Manan's relationship but she can't tell him that Mohan is Manan's father.

She states that it's Mohan's father instict for Manan which isn't letting him leave.

There, Manan cries for help feeling pain as a glass piece has pricked his foot after which he remembers Gungun's words to not cry when he gets hurt and be strong.

Further, Manan pricks out the glass piece out of his foot and cries after which, he tears a cloth piece from his shirt with the help of glass piece, and then ties it around his foot.

Later, he wishes that someone should come to rescue him while Poonam thinks that if something bad happens to Manan then she'll be equally responsible for it being Yug's mother so she decides to tell Radha about Yug.

She calls Radha and says to her that she wants to tell her something important and tells her that Yug is telling her the fake stories about Manan so she should search for him herself without believing Yug.

However, Yug has taken the phone from Radha before she can listen anything and warns Poonam in cryptic language.

After that, Radha, Mohan, and Manan pray to the god to save Manan just then Manan feels someone is around so he goes to the door to check.

There, Yug tries to send Mohan away again but Mohan stays firm on his decision while Yug thinks Manan can't be found now.

Just then, the police bring a child and Radha hugs him while Yug looks shocked.

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