Radha Mohan 5th October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 5th October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 5th October 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 5th October 2023 episode starts with Mohan having an emotional breakdown in front of the idol of Lord Krishna. 

Gungun's Life in Danger

He pleads for divine assistance in reclaiming everything that rightfully belongs to him from Damini, as he cannot bear to see his family suffer.

Meanwhile, Radha overhears his request, telling lord Krishna to shower his blessings on Mohan and to help him in every possible way.

On the other hand, Damini yells at Bhushan and Mohit for being unable to even harm Gungun.

She rebukes them for being a coward and that if they had killed Gungun then Radha and Mohan would have automatically lost their reason of existence.

However, seeing Damini's insane behaviour, Kaveri asks her to calm down to which Damini shakes her head and says that it’s too late now to calm down.

Damini recalls Radha’s words about coming after 1 month with Mohan to snatch everything from her that belongs to the Trivedis and tells everyone that Mohan will be her prior target tomorrow.

She yells at Bhushan and Mohit, passing the order to kill Gungun whenever they find an opportunity, considering Gungun a reason to separate Radha and Mohan.

Damini keeps an eye on Radha and Mohan

Elsewhere, Radha and Mohan are sleeping on the floor, facing each other and getting lost in each other’s eyes while recalling all the special moments they’ve spent together.

Meanwhile, Tulsi folds her hand and prays to Lord Krishna for protecting Radha and Mohan at all costs and for teaching Damini a lesson.

In the meantime, Damini watches Radha and Mohan sleeping peacefully on the floor with Gungun in between them through the camera installed in the doll’s eyes.

She mocks them for celebrating their family time as very soon Gungun will no longer be with them.

The next morning, Mohan reaches the Trivedi house when Damini taunts him for returning to despite showing her his arrogant attitude the last day.

Just then, Mohit appears there with a Butler uniform in his hand leading Mohan to look at him with disgust and he questions Damini about the uniform.

Damini tells him that the uniform is a gift for him as very special guests are coming to their place today therefore, she wants everything to be perfect.

However, Mohan refuses to wear the uniform leading Damini to lash out at him, asking him to either wear it or to leave the job.

Mohan finds himself in a dilemma of either doing the job or running away while Kaveri and Bhushan tell Damini not to spoil her plan by throwing Mohan out of the job.

Damini taunts Mohan for being a hypocrite as he’s working as a servant in her house but can't wear a servant uniform.

He murmurs, telling himself not to refuse Damini’s demand again as she will fire him surely this time.

Meanwhile, Bhushan stretches his ear, trying to overhear the murmuring while Mohan tells him to relax as he won’t be able to listen to him anyway.

Kaveri becomes the servant

Just then, Damini reminds him again that he can leave the job if he isn’t ready to wear a butler uniform leading Mohan to agree to her positively, shocking Damini and Kaveri.

Mohan tells them that he will not wear the uniform until it’s not ironed as he is not habitual of it to which Damini hesitantly smiles and tells Kaveri to iron his uniform.

Kaveri starts her drama, yelling that she will not iron his clothes as she’s wearing a lot of jewellery since she is the owner and not a servant.

However, Damini convinces Kaveri to do as instructed and Kaveri reluctantly agrees to her.

Elsewhere, Radha prays to god as she’s feeling restless about something bad going to happen.

Gungun appears there and prays with Radha, asking the god to protect Mohan.

Just then, Rahul appears there and is about to take Gungun to school but Kadambari stops him and gives the responsibility to Ajit.

Meanwhile, Damini attends to the guests and greets them leading the guests to praise their house while Kaveri jumps in, asking their opinions about her jewellery.

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