Radha Mohan 6th December 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 6th December 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 6th December 2022 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 6th December 2022 episode starts with Mohan asking Ajeet to call Radha and tell her to come home. 

Meanwhile, Radha comes inside looking for Trivedi Ji and finds his hanky lying on the floor. 

Hearing that Radha's phone is not connecting, Ketki tells Mohan to wait for Radha or cancel the marriage if he wants. 

However, Kadambari berates her saying that Mohan has to get married today to get Gungun’s custody. 

Mohan expresses her worry to Kadambari about Radha’s strange behaviour and not being at the wedding functions.

Meanwhile, Radha finds the watch in the warehouse which Pratap has planted along with the hankey and button. 

On the other hand, Gungun tells Mohan to not marry without putting on a Sehra. 

Meanwhile, Pratap and his accomplice come inside the warehouse and laugh wickedly saying she is trapped now. 

Radha runs to save herself and hides inside. 

Meanwhile, Rahul comes to call Mohan at Pandit Ji’s insistence. 

On the other hand, Radha's phone rings giving away her position while Radha runs from there to hide again and calls Mohan. 

However, Mohan’s phone is in his room which Mohan remembers after some time and goes to get it. 

Meanwhile, the phone is picked up (by Tulsi) and Radha tells Mohan that she is trapped in a warehouse and his father's life is in danger too. She tells her about Pratap and asks him to come to save him. 

However, Pratap finds Radha and throws away her phone. 

On the other hand, Tulsi is shocked to hear that Radha is in trouble.

Later, Mohan finds his phone on the floor and broken and blames Gungun.

In the meantime, Pratap uses Trivedi Ji as bait to get Radha to surrender and later puts her in a glass box.

On the other hand, Tulsi tells Mohan to save Radha who is in trouble. 

Later, Pratap opens the valve to fill the glass box with water. 

In her room, Damini watches Radha inside the glass cube slowly filling the water while she shouts for help.

With an evil smile, she tells herself that today Radha’s life will come to an end and her life will start afresh. 

However, Tulsi sees Radha in trouble and promises Radha that she will not let Radha die nor will she let Damini marry Mohan.

Later, Pandit Ji asks to call the bride while Gungun prays to God to send Radha soon. 

Mohan calls for Radha again while Kadambari tells him that it does not suit him to think of Radha while sitting in a Mandap with Damini. 

She assures him that Radha must be alright and will come back soon. 

Later, Damini laughs with happiness seeing Radha shouting for help when Kaveri comes in and praises her for looking beautiful. She assures her that soon Mohan will also come to love her. 

Afterwards, Kaveri tells her to come down as Mohan is already in the Mandap. 

Meanwhile, Tulsi gets angry and throws Kaveri out of the room and shuts it saying that she will not let Damini get to the Mandap. 

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