Radha Mohan 6th July 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 6th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan tries to take Gungun to the police station while Gungun gets scared and asks Mohan to don't take her to the police station as they will arrest her.

Meanwhile, Mohan says to Gungun that she has done many mistakes already like driving a car being underage and then hitting a lady but she didn't do it intentionally.

He adds, that she should tell the truth to the police while Gungun is reluctant so Mohan says that they'll do what's right and asks her to trust in him.

Then, they go to the police station while in the police station Mohan asks Gungun to stay strong and goes to talk with the inspector.

As Mohan is about to talk with the inspector just then he listens Radha's voice from the nearby cabin and he goes there where he overhears that Radha says Pari can't be dead they should check again while Yug asks the same.

After that, the inspector says that what description they have told matches with the dead body they have found which makes Mohan shocked and he asks another inspector that in the other cabin his neighbors are there if Pari is dead for real.

Further, the inspector tells him that it's true she was found at the MG road where someone intoxicated or inexperienced driver must have hit her which they'll find.

There, Mohan connects the dots that it might have happened through Gungun and cries remembering Pari after which he goes to Gungun then tells her about it.

Meanwhile, Radha comes to Mohan and hugs him crying for Pari that how it can happen Pari can't be dead after which he consoles her while Yug is angry seeing them close but Poonam stops him from showing anger in the police station.

Just then, Gungun feels bad realising her crime while the inspector asks them to go to the hospital to check the dead body after which Gungun feels scared in the hospital where Mohan assures her.

Then, Radha breaks down seeing Pari's dead body as well as Poonam while Yug also acts to be sad which makes Poonam angers and Mohan sees them from afar remembering Pari.

After that, Poonam takes Yug aside and beats him for killing Pari while Mohan says to Gungun that they have to confess as they have made a mistake then goes to tell the inspector about Gungun's crime.

Before Mohan could tell the inspector anything he receives the postmortem report which shows 11pm as the death time then Gungun realises someone else has killed Pari not her as she was at the hospital at that time.

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