Radha Mohan 6th June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 6th June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 6th June 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 6th June 2023 episode starts with Damini claiming that finding Radha in the cold storage is pointless for Mohan and the other Trivedi family members because she must be dead by now and encased in ice.

On the other hand, stuck under the pile of ice cream, Radha wills herself to stay awake saying that she cannot lose as Mohan and Gungun need her.

The family is talking to the police while Mohan notices the cold-storage guy and rushes to him.

Tulsi says that she is sure Radha must be in the cold storage while Damini tells Kaveri that even if Mohan goes to check, he will only find Radha's dead body.

The cold storage guy tells Mohan that the cold storage was empty while Mohan requests to take him there and check once again to see if his wife Radha is stuck there or not.

In the cold storage, Radha thanks Mohan for loving her and talks to him as if she is near her last moments.

Mohan shows the wrapper of the ice cream to the cold-storage guy and explains it to him requesting to check it just once.

However, the man calls Mohan crazy and rebukes him saying that he looks like a criminal and is trying to get off the hook.

Mohan tries to reason while the man states that there was no one in the cold storage and that it had caught fire.

Kadambari gets worried while Damini and Kaveri look at each other in shock.

The man talks about insurance of his cold storage while Mohan grabs him by the collar and threatens him into taking them to the cold storage.

The constable offers to accompany them but Mohan refuses saying that he will save his Radha now and drags the cold-storage guy into his car to go to the cold storage.

In the cold storage, Radha cries to Banke Bihari that it seems to be her last day while the Trivedi family reaches the cold storage.

The family rushes to open the cold storage while Damini assures Kaveri that Radha must have surely turned to ice by now.

Mohan and Gungun and the rest of the family start looking for Radha while shouting her name while Radha faintly returns to their shouts.

Kadambari tells the cold-storage guy to turn off the freezer but her informs her that it is possible due to a technical glitch.

Rahul asks Damini about Radha and she tells him that Radha must have died by now.

Mohan notices Radha's purse and picks it up showing it to the family while Radha has fallen unconscious.

He reminisces his banter with Radha and her world-consuming bag while Kadambari brings him back to the present and tells him that they need to find Radha immediately.

Just then, Mohan notices the burned hardboard and says that Radha must have tried to fight the cold and starts seeing clues of her being in the cold storage making Damini worried.

Mohan sees the vent hold and shouts that Radha must be in the vent.

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