Radha Mohan 6th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 6th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Gungun hiding behind a cart with Champi while Yug searching her after which Yug sees her and runs behind to catch her.

Meanwhile, Gungun runs with Champi to escape Yug after which Mohan makes Manan sit to have a haircut by him while Ketki feels bad seeing Mohan.

She adds, that Mohan wanted to become Radha's husband but end up becoming her son's barber while Ajeet jokes on it after which Manan says that he always goes to salon with Radha.

After that, Mohan says that today he should have a hair cut by his father which makes Manan confused while Mohan covers up saying that he is like his father only, on which Manan agrees then Mohan asks him sit stiff.

There, Yug continues to chase Gungun while Mohan shows Manan his new hairstyle which Manan likes just then Radha comes there and complains about Manan's hair.

She asks why Manan went from the home without informing her as she was worried after not finding him after which Mohan says that Radha should think this about him but Radha chides him.

Then, she asks Manan to always go after telling her while Manan says that it was for giving surprise to her after which Radha says it's not surprise but shock as she doesn't like his hairline and tries to fix them.

After that, Manan says it's the new trend and calls Radha old teasingly while Mohan supports him then Radha asks Mohan to stay away from her family and focus on finding new home for themselves.

Later, she leaves taking Manan while Poonam is shown worried as Manan and Yug aren't at home and she worries that Yug might hurt Manan.

Just then, Manan goes home while Radha collides with a running Gungun after which Yug hides from Radha.

Meanwhile, Radha takes Gungun with her finding her tensed and asks her to tell her the matter in the meantime, Yug thinks that if Gungun tells Radha about him then it would be wrong.

He goes to the home to stop her while Gungun tells Radha that Yug has attacked Manan in the school and tried to kill her too.

However, Radha refuses to believe her story and says she knows that Gungun is doing that on Mohan's advise while Gungun tries to show her proofs which Radha refuses as Yug has already shown Radha a video in which Gungun is shown with the mask.

Later, Yug accuses Gungun to make him bite from Champi deliberately and Radha asks Gungun to leave not believing her while Mohan decides to prove Manan is his son with the help of his hairs.

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