Radha Mohan 6th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 6th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha hugging a child thinking he is Manan while Yug looks shocked feeling his failure.

Just then, the child says he isn't Manan and shows his face which shocks Radha while Yug gets relieved after which the driver says that he already said that the child isn't Manan but Ridansh but the constable brought them there.

Meanwhile, the constable says that the boy was in same van whose number was given after which the inspector asks Ridansh that whether he knows the driver while Ridansh says he is Bablu who picks him up daily from the school.

After that, the inspector scolds the constable for his carelessness while Ridansh's parents come there too and shows their disappointment to the police.

However, Mohan comes forward and calms them down saying their kid has been missing thus the confusion has happened and hope they will understand their problem.

Mohan sends them away apologizing to them while Radha thinks that Mohan tags Manan as their son that means his heart knows Manan is his son.

She adds, that she kept father and son separate but Mohan's fatherly love reached Manan.

There, Poonam gets scared that she couldn't save Manan and now Yug won't leave her just then Meera comes and tries to console her thinking she is worried for Manan.

Meanwhile, Poonam thinks to tell Meera about Yug even if she can't tell Radha after which Manan is shown locked in the classroom and he sees there is a dog outside and he asks him to get help from outside so the dog went to search someone.

On the other hand, Mohan asks Yug that he said that he has seen Manan in a van while Yug says that he would have made mistake as Ridansh looks similar to Manan from backside while Mohan understands him.

Further, Yug says that he made mistake for real and the police shouldn't think that he gave the wrong information while Mohan says nobody will think that as a parent can't give wrong information about kid.

After that, the inspector asks them to go home and they will continue the search of Manan while Yug gets stubborn to be there but Mohan says that the police are right and they can call Manan's friends and print missing posters of Manan in the meantime.

However, Yug doesn't want to go but Radha convinces him to go while Poonam thinks to tell Meera about Yug before it gets too late and thinks she is sensible too to understand her.

Ahead, she takes Meera aside while Mohan gives lift to Yug and Radha as they didn't have the car after which Radha puts her head in Yug's lap so Mohan can't see her from the mirror.

Meanwhile, Yug thinks he'll kill Mohan after Manan as he thinks Mohan is after Radha after which Mohan cries remembering Manan while Radha notices him and understands her pain.

She smiles thinking they are far still connected while Yug thinks he is the reason of Radha's smile and wish for Manan to die soon after which Radha prays for his safety.

There, the dog comes back to Manan as it finds none for the help after which Manan asks the dog to be with him and struggles to take his water bottle from the table due to foot wound and the bottle fell down.

On the other hand, Poonam tries to tell Meera about Yug just then Yug comes back making Poonam scared.

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