Radha Mohan 7th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha seeing Mohan taking Manan and Sargam away from behind and misunderstanding him as a kidnapper.

After that, she throws the coconut on his head to stop him which makes him faint, and scolds Manan to go with him while Manan reveals that he isn't a kidnapper but Sargam's uncle.

Further, Radha is shocked and sees Sargam trying to wake up so she decides to apologize to Mohan but Manan asks her to escape the place.

However, Radha tells him that if they have made a mistake then they should apologize to Mohan while Sargam calls Meera who gets worried seeing Mohan and asks the crowd about how it happened.

There, Yug asks Radha's Dadi and Baba about her past which confuses her Dadi and she asks why Yug wants to know it from them but not Radha after which Yug asks her to just tell him as he wants to know it now while Radha's Baba agrees to him saying they should tell him about Radha's past as Yug has given a family to Radha.

Just then, Radha's Baba mistakenly addresses her as Radha which triggers Yug, and he scares them to never address Radha as Radha but only Radhika as she is his wife now.

After that, Dadi asks this is what she's saying as Radha is his wife then why he can't ask Radha about her past directly?

Further, Yug continues to scare them indirectly with watermelon and goes to the kitchen to bring the knife and black salt under the pretext of eating watermelon while Poonam gets worried seeing Yug in anger and calls Radha.

There, Mohan gains consciousness but Radha can't see him as she goes to attend to Poonam's call who asks her to come home immediately.

Meanwhile, Radha is relieved that Mohan is fine and feels guilty about throwing a coconut at him in the meantime, Mohan wonders who throws a coconut on him.

On the other hand, Yug feels frustrated by Radha's Dadi as she doesn't reveal Radha's past after which Yug decides to scare her and takes a knife to them which makes them scared to tremble.

Just then, Yug cuts the watermelon horribly when Radha arrives and is happy to see her Dadi and Baba while they also express their happiness meeting Radha and Manan.

Further, when Radha asks the reason for their coming Yug covers it up saying it's a surprise for her while Radha reveals how she got tensed after getting the call from Poonam to come home immediately after which Poonam covers it up saying she called her to make her meet with her family.

Later, Radha talks with her family while Yug thinks that he'll find Radha's past at any cost from her Dadi.

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