Radha Mohan 7th February 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th February 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th February 2024 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 7th February 2024 episode starts with Mohan removing Radha's nuptial chain from his neck and heading back to the room to give it to Tulsi.

Meanwhile, Radha cries remembering her past moments with Mohan, and there Kaveri and Kadambari enjoy the scenario.

Further, Radha runs out of the house crying and remembers the recent happenings and Tulsi's warning that she'll snatch her most precious thing as revenge for her slap and she did it.

Just then, Kaveri comes there and starts dancing in front of Radha in a manner of mocking her on her state.

After that, Kadambari comes there and shows fake concern and pity for Radha how Mohan snatched her nuptial chain, despite her all efforts and love she gave to Mohan.

Further, Kadambari states that Radha is getting destroyed bit by bit and soon she'll be so destroyed that she won't even have enough tears to cry, didn't she see how after Tulsi's arrival Mohan has changed?

Meanwhile, Radha states firmly she isn't Tulsi and that they know but not revealing due to their selfishness.

On the other hand, Mohan is walking helplessly while going back to Tulsi and remembers Radha's words.

Just then, the family comes to him and asks what happened as they have listened to Radha screaming, to which Mohan shows them the nuptial chain shocking them.

There, Kaveri says even if she isn't Tulsi, she'll punish Radha for her deeds, as she also snatched Damini's position in the house so that Mohan returned her engagement ring.

Kaveri adds the same way Mohan snatched her nuptial chain today and the same Damini was the half-bride once, now Radha has become a half-wife.

She tells Radha that the way Damini has suffered for Mohan now Radha will suffer for Mohan and praises fake Tulsi for her plans.

Just then, Kadambari slaps tight Kaveri and questions her about how dare she trouble Radha, which shocks Radha and Kaveri.

However, Radha sees the family members coming and it reveals how Kadambari is acting, and signs Kaveri about the same.

Then, Kadambari rebukes Kaveri for mocking Radha on her condition and asks how can she have so much hatred for Radha and states due to the same hatred she lost Damini.

Meanwhile, Ketki says she had stopped Kadambari already from keeping Kaveri in the house as she has only hatred towards them.

After this, Kadambari says she agreed to keep Kaveri in the house because she is alone and helpless but if she continues to trouble her kids, she'll oust her from the house.

Further, Kadambari asks Kaveri to apologize to Radha, and when she denies Kadambari threatens to make her get out of the house, which changes Kadambari's tone and she apologizes to Radha.

She asks Radha to forget previous things and forgive her, while Radha stays silent, to which Kaveri takes the exit from there signing Kadambari through her eyes.

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