Radha Mohan 7th January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th January 2024 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam - Radha Mohan 7 December 2024 episode starts with Radha standing shocked after she discovers that Kadambari is not present in her bedroom.

Radha tells herself that she has understood that Kadambari is the person who is posing as Guru Maa and scamming the family.

Determined to uncover Kadambari's identity, Radha says that she will face Guru Maa face to face to uncover her identity in front of the family members.

Meanwhile, Mohan lies on the bed and murmurs that everyone will have to suffer because of what she has gone through while his eyes turn red in anger.

At the same time, Guru Maa comes to the door and Damini welcomes her instantly so that she can save Mohan from Tulsi's ghost.

Guru Maa enters the house and says that she has come because of Damini's stubborn behaviour or else she would not have stepped into the same house where Radha is present.

Radha stares at Guru Maa with a serious face and remembers the incident when she beat Guru Maa and later saw marks on Kadambari's back.

Guru Maa stands sternly while Radha comes downstairs and says that she knows that it is Kadamberi behind that long veil but the secret will not remain hidden for so long.

Radha starts walking toward Guru Maa while she asks Radha to stay away from her due to previous events that had taken place.

However, Radha does not stop and forwards her hands toward Guru Maa while she holds onto her veil tightly so that she can uncover Guru Maa's face.

Damini and Kaveri also try to get a peek inside the veil as they are curious to see who Guru Maa is but Guru Maa says that no human should watch her face in the open.

Radha suddenly holds her hands and starts to plead to Guru Maa so that she can help them save Mohan from the grasp of Tulsi's ghost as Mohan is in grave danger.

Guru Maa asks Radha to go away but Radha intentionally kneels at Guru Maa's feet to beg for forgiveness after which Damini and Kaveri also join Radha.

Radha says that she is not interested to see Guru Maa's face as long as Mohan gets saved after which Guru Maa agrees to help them and asks the family members to bring Mohan to the living room.

The family members go to Radha's room where they are shocked to see Tulsi in Mohan's reflection in the mirror while he swears to get his incomplete revenge over the Guru Maa.

Kaveri comes back and says that they will die if they release Mohan but Guru Maa says that Mohan cannot be saved as long as he is inside that room.

Radha agrees to bring Mohan out of that room which leaves everyone shocked.

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