Radha Mohan 7th July 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with the doctor giving Pari's postmortem report to the inspector and telling him that she has died due to the injury on her neck and head.

He tells that the death happened at 11:00 pm and it was a sudden death so they can assume that the operation would have happened at the same time.

Meanwhile, Gungun thinks that if the death has happened at 11 pm then the accident is done by someone else not her as she was at the hospital at that time and was filling up the hospital form for Sargam.

Then, as the doctor leaves Mohan is about to tell the inspector that the accident is done by Gungun but she asks him to come aside as she wants to talk with him and drags him aside.

There, Poonam beats Yug for killing Pari and asks how can he do that after which Yug says he hasn't killed Pari as he used to love her too while Poonam says to him that she knows very well what he can do or not after which Yug swears on Poonam that he hasn't killed Pari from his own hands someone else has done it.

He adds, that he will kill the person who has done it after which Gungun brings Mohan aside while he says that he knows Gungun is afraid but they have to tell the truth because eventually the police will find her involvement in the investigation so it's good if she confesses herself.

However, Gungun says that she hasn't killed Pari as at that time the death happened she was in the hospital while Yug tries to make Radha drink water but she doesn't after which he asks Poonam to take care of Radha then he goes to meet Pari.

He talks with her dead body that he loves her a lot but she compelled him to kill her by first hearing his secret then she says that she'll reunite Radha and Mohan when she knows he is obsessed with Radha, he won't be able to live without her.

Further, he reveals how he killed her then a flashback shown where Yug tied her hands and mouth after which he keeps her in his car.

After that, he takes her to the home back to plan something after which he sees Gungun and Sargam alone at the home so he mixes a pill in Sargam's milk after which her health deteriorates then he gives Gungun an idea to take Sargam to the hospital herself.

Later, he makes Gungun believed that she killed a lady and there is no CCTV camera in the area after which he frees Pari saying she can expose him as he is fed up of being a villain then he instructs a girl like Gungun to hit Pari with a car to frame Gungun.

Back to reality, Yug says now Gungun will be arrested for Pari's death and then even Mohan will be out of their lives.

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