Radha Mohan 7th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan collecting Manan's hair while Ketki asks him what's he doing with the hair if he is fine after which Mohan says that he is fine but Radha will get restless now due to this hair.

Meanwhile, Ketki says that she is unable to understand Mohan after which Mohan says that the hair is going to get him his son.

However, Ketki remains confused while Mohan packs Manan's hair in a plastic pouch and does the same after plucking his hair.

There, Yug scolds Gungun that how can she do his character assassination in front of Radha is she mad to think that he can try to kill his son which he loves so much and raised him.

Then, he says that Gungun always talks rubbish and says that good things about Mohan if Mohan tells her all this while Gungun looks disheartened then she pushes Yug and beats him asking to not say anything against her father.

After that, Radha separates them and scolds Gungun that how can she do that with Yug, he is her husband and her son's father while Gungun tries to say that Yug is lying.

However, Radha doesn't believe her and says not Yug but Gungun is lying as always and asks her to leave while Gungun keeps try to make Radha understand but Radha asks her to leave not believing her.

Just then, Manan comes there and sees Champi and Gungun and asks if Gungun has brought Champi after which Gungun says yes then she instructs Champi to always be with Manan and protect him as he is her brother.

Meanwhile, Yug says Manan isn't her brother but his son and he can also DNA test done after which Radha remembers that Mohan can use Manan's hair for DNA test.

This makes her nervous while Gungun leaves after which Yug questions Radha about her and Mohan's connection as she also knows about Gungun's past.

However, Radha runs to meet Mohan saying she'll answer him later while Yug calls Dadi to know about Radha and Mohan's connection and warns her to tell him otherwise, he'll scare her coming to Barsana.

There, Dadi refuses to tell him anything and cuts the call while Radha comes to confront Mohan about DNA test after which Mohan says that the reports are about to come then it'll be proven that Manan is his son.

As reports come, Mohan asks Radha to see reports as he is confident while Radha gets shocked seeing reports that DNA isn't matched just then she sees Poonam on the window who assures her.

After that, Poonam remembers how she gets to know about Mohan's plan and bribed the compounder to change the hair sample.

Meanwhile, Mohan refuses to believe the reports but Radha says it's only the truth.

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