Radha Mohan 7th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Poonam says to Meera that she wants to have an important talk with her and tries to tell her about Yug just then Yug comes there from behind saying Radhe Radhe to her.

After that, Poonam gets scared while Yug says that Manan used to say that and she must be missing her, after which Poonam nods and Yug says that the police are searching for Manan.

He adds, that he'll be found soon and hugs her then murmurs to her ear that or if he wishes then Manan won't be found ever.

Meanwhile, Meera sees them suspiciously after which Radha cries hugging Pari while she consoles her and says that Manan will be found soon as the god can't be this cruel to keep a child away from his mother as he used to love his mother too.

Further, Radha goes in front of God's idol to pray for Manan's safety and requests the god to bring him back to her saying even he knows the pain of separation with his mother.

She worries thinking how Manan must be while Manan cries as his water has spilled on the ground and he is thirsty.

He yearns for Radha after which he takes out the paper napkins from his bag to soak the water from the ground and then drinks it by squeezing it.

There, Radha cries for Manan just then Ajeet and Gungun comes and consoles her that Manan will be found soon as they all are praying for the same after which Radha cries hugging Gungun which makes Gungun remember their past moments.

After that, Gungun hugs her back and says that Manan is a brave child and nothing will happen to him so Radha should stay strong too.

Just then, Radha sees a servant taking Manan's lunchbox to the kitchen which shocks Radha and the servant tells her that it was on the dinning table.

This makes Radha realize that Manan hasn't taken the tiffin to the school thus he must be hungry and she worries that Manan can't bear the hunger how he must be now.

Meanwhile, Yug worries that Radha hasn't eaten anything and goes to arrange food after which Manan feels hungry and regrets his decision of not bringing the tiffin.

Further, he sees some chalks on the table and thinks of eating them while as Radha prays to send Manan back as he is hungry just then Mohan tells her from behind that he has kept three mangoes in Manan's bag in the morning thus he can eat them if he feels hungry.

There, Manan remembers the same and picks out the mangoes from his bag and eat them sharing it with the dog outside.

He praises mangoes and feels better while Radha feels helpless and murmurs that Radha and Mohan are unable to find Manan and they were hit together.

Mohan listens to it and moves towards Radha as he was about to make her turn towards him Yug comes and takes Mohan to a room.

After that, Yug hurts Mohan from a knife at his neck.

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