Radha Mohan 7th October 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th October 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 7th October 2022 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 7th October 2022 episode starts with Tulsi telling Damini that Devi Maa has shown her, her rightful place. 

Kadambari tells Mohan to bring the goddess Idol inside. 

Mohan asks Radha to lend a hand and tells Radha that the goddess will be pleased as she has a direct connection with her. 

Once the idol is installed, everyone bows their head in devotion while Kadambari prays for Mohan’s safety in future.

After a while, Kadambari asks Mohan and Damini to come forward and perform “Jaware Ki Rasam” (Barley ritual). 

Ketki asks Radha to pass on the barleys to Mohan. 

Meanwhile, Tulsi vows to not let this ritual take place and decides to drop the Barley so that the ritual gets obstructed. 

However, Gungun steps on Radha’s dress and made her fall into Mohan’s arms. The barley drops in the pot with Mohan and Radha’s hands.

Kaveri tells Damini and Mohan to put the barley in the pot and then add water to it. The more it will bloom the more their love grows with it.

As the ritual gets finished, someone from the printing press comes with printed cards. 

Kaveri and Damini become happy to see the cards while Kadambari asks Damini to present the first card at the goddess’s feet. 

Damini happily makes the swastika mark on the card and opens it. 

All the happiness drains from Damini’s face after seeing Radha’s name on the card along with Mohan’s name. 

Kaveri is equally shocked and angrily shouts to see Radha’s name on the card and asks Mohan if he has done it. 

However, Damini is furious and attacks Radha saying it is Radha’s doing. 

Tulsi shouts at Damini to leave Radha else she will have to punish her in front of other people. 

Mohan separates Radha from Damini and tells Damini to not blame Radha as Radha does not lie. 

Damini is agitated and tells Mohan that Radha is a liar and a cheat and he should stop chanting her name. 

Mohan gets angry and asks Damini to not misbehave. 

Seeing Mohan angry, Damini apologises to him while Mohan asks Dulari to bring his phone. 

He calls the printing press and asks the printer to send the sample card. 

Damini gets worried and asks Mohan to let it be but Mohan tells them that now they will get to the bottom of this and then only these marriage rituals will continue. 

Soon Mohan is looking at the card while others look at him expectantly. 

Mohan is shocked to see the card while Damini asks him to tell who has done such a vile thing. 

Just then, Radha realises that Gungun could be behind this and lied about writing the name herself. 

Gungun looks at Radha worriedly and thinks that Radha should not take the blame upon herself. 

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