Radha Mohan 8th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 8th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan coming home wincing with a headache along with Sargam and Meera as Radha throws a coconut on him.

After that, Gungun worries and Mohan tells her about the incident so she treats Mohan while cursing Radha unknowingly.

There, Manan tells Radha's coconut-throwing incident to Yug's family, and they enjoy it at the dinner table while Radha feels embarrassed for her deed.

On the other hand, Mohan says that he is still feeling a headache and tags Radha as half-brain unknowingly which makes him remember the past while Gungun is shocked to know that it's Radha who throws a coconut at Mohan but hides it from everyone.

Further, Mohan thinks that once again he failed to meet Radhika (Radha) if it's a coincidence or any connection, while Gungun states that it's the reason why she doesn't want to go to that locality but no one pays attention to what she said.

After that, Mohan and Yug make fun of Radha respectively, saying she did the welcome by breaking a coconut on Mohan's head while Radha feels embarrassed and complains to god thinking how she'll face Mohan now.

Meanwhile, Yug says that the god has a plan for everyone to make them meet while Mohan says that he must have troubled Radha in past life thus she took revenge, after which Gungun thinks that it's Radha who threw a coconut that means Radha and Mohan were close to meet each other and wonders that what will happen if they meet.

Further, Meera says that it would be interesting to witness Radha and Mohan as neighbors as Radha is an expert in breaking things while Gungun says she'll break hearts too, after which Mohan questions her but she covers and thinks Radha knows only to break hearts.

There, Poonam tells Dadi that she is happy with their arrival while Dadi is about to talk regarding Yug after which Poonam says Yug loves Radha the most but Dadi warns her that if something is over then it's dangerous and asks Poonam to take care of Radha and leaves just then someone drags Poonam aside.

On the other hand, Radha decides to send a bouquet and an apology letter to Mohan but she doesn't know his name so asks Manan about it but he goes from there without telling Radha about it.

After that, Radha writes an apology letter for Mohan addressing him as Gunjan's Papa, and sends it to him with a bouquet.

Meanwhile, Yug threatens Poonam to not come in between his investigation about Radha as he loves her the most and even can harm her for Radha.

Further, Poonam feels sorry for Radha saying Yug loves her a lot but the love will only stay intact until there is no one else in Radha's life.

There, Mohan is happy to get an apology letter and a bouquet from Radha while Ketki teases him to get a bouquet but Gungun thinks she won't let Radha come close to Mohan and destroys the bouquet.

After that, Mohan calls out her behavior while Gungun asks why Radha sent a bouquet for Mohan and states she should do this thing with her husband.

Meanwhile, Mohan asks her to not talk like that as they are future neighbors but Gungun asks Mohan to not buy that home which makes Kadambari smirk.

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