Radha Mohan 8th July 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 8th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug talking to Pari's dead body that her death's false accusation will fall on Gungun then she'll end up in the jail while Mohan will go back to Vrindavan and Radha will come to him.

He adds, that he has told her that Radha is hims and she won't go anywhere leaving him nor he'll let her go after which he says that his plan is such a fullproof that even the god can't defeat him.

After that, he says that by tomorrow he'll get the CCTV footage of the place where she died which will prove that Gungun has killed her and even she also thinks the same then his plan will be successful.

However, he feels bad that Pari died in all this and salutes her way of living happily always.

Further, he leaves while Mohan asks to Gungun that if she is sure that she hasn't hit Pari from her car after which Gungun says she is sure because she was at the hospital before 11 pm.

She adds, that she feels it's someone's plotting after which Mohan says that she is a child who can be her enemy while Gungun says it's Yug.

Meanwhile, Mohan doesn't believe in her but Gungun says Yug is a bad human as he locked Manan in the school also attacked her in hoodie but to save himself make it looks like it's Kundan.

After that, she says he even provoke her to drive herself when she went to ask for the help from him while Mohan asks her to leave Yug as he is a rude person but if she has hit Pari just then Radha overhears it and gets shocked.

There, Gungun tries to tell her that she hasn't done it while Radha says that it's her fault too that she shouldn't have supported Gungun when she first time hit her from the car and should have taken her to the police station to make her punished so Pari's death wouldn't have happened.

Further, Mohan tries to defend Gungun but Radha asks him to not do that as it's his fault as well as he didn't stop Gungun from driving as the parents they should have taught Gungun the right things which they failed.

She adds, that she has to tell Yug about it while Yug and Poonam were finding Radha outside then Radha tries to go to them but Mohan covers her mouth after which he hid with her.

As Yug and Poonam leave Gungun says to Radha that she hasn't killed Pari and brings the hospital form to prove it that she was at the hospital at 11 pm when the accident happened.

After that, Mohan takes Radha and Gungun to the accident site where they found burnt coconut shells and loban to form smoke after which Mohan concludes it's someone's foul play as he says that there was no blood when he came here.

Then, Radha says this isn't the accident site but it's ahead where the police even sealed the road while Mohan says then it's someone's foul play for sure after which Radha says who would try to trap Gungun.

Meanwhile, Gungun says it's Yug but Radha sides with Yug saying she knows him he can't kill anyone and even he loves Pari so much but Gungun asks then why Yug didn't help her when she goes to him to ask for the help.

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