Radha Mohan 8th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 8th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha saying that now the truth is in front of Mohan that Manan isn't his son while Mohan says in disbelief that it can't be the truth after which Radha says that it's only the truth.

She says that she was in love with Mohan for some years that doesn't mean she won't be able to move on and yearn for him that too when he broke her heart.

After that, she says that Mohan didn't trust her and was ready to send her to the mental asylum even though her crying and requesting to him even he tried to raise hand on her.

Further, Radha says that Mohan has ego on himself that he is the perfect man thus if anyone loves him once can't love again but it's wrong as she has moved on and has a son with Yug.

Later, she says that she is saying once again that she doesn't love him anymore thus Mohan should let her live with her family peacefully she is very happy with Yug's love.

She asks him to sell the house and leave as he won't be able to see her with anyone else as his ego will break and it would be so painful for him.

After that, she says that even if now Mohan thinks that Manan is his son then he should check up his mind while Mohan murmurs to himself that Manan isn't his son.

On the other hand, Radha remembers the recent events and breaks down saying she has told a huge lie to Mohan today that Manan isn't his son but she was trapped.

She adds, that she loves him only for always and can't move on ever but she wants Mohan to move on while Mohan gets uncontrollable and breaks the stuff just then Gungun, Ketki, and Ajeet try to control him.

Further, Mohan says that Manan isn't his son, Radha doesn't love him everything is over while Poonam comes to Radha and she asks her that how she changed the reports and she told her.

After that, Radha thanks her for keeping her secret and saving her family after which she says that Yug has doubt on her and Mohan while Poonam says Yug shouldn't know about it.

Just then, Yug comes to them overhearing them and asks what he shouldn't know just then they listen the noises thus go out.

There, Mohan creates the ruckus drinking alcohol while his family tries to stop him but in vain after which Mohan is about to tell Yug about his wife which makes Radha anxious.

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