Radha Mohan 8th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 8th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha worrying for Gungun and asking her to wake up, when she doesn't she prays to god that nothing should happen to Gungun and gives swears to the god of her lifetime devotion.

Further, she decides to take Gungun to the camp to get medical help and carries her.

However, the blood drops of Gungun falls to the ground as they move forward.

There, Mohan searches for Radha, Gungun, and Tulsi calling their names, just then Tulsi comes there and tells him that she hid behind the tree.

After that, Mohan asks about Gungun, to which Tulsi says that Gungun has gone to the washroom.

Meanwhile, Mohan chides Tulsi for letting Gungun go alone to the washroom, to which Tulsi tries to defend herself.

However, Mohan says that if Radha had been in her place she wouldn't have let Gungun go alone and also reveals that Radha is there for Gungun.

After that, Tulsi tells Mohan the wrong direction to search Gungun and goes with him to distract him.

There, Radha comes to the camp area with Gungun but finds no one there and screams to ask for help to save Gungun.

On the other hand, as Mohan is about to scream a guard stops him saying he shouldn't as it might alert wild animals.

Meanwhile, Tulsi thinks that she might get attacked by some wild animal so she shares his doubts about whether Gungun is attacked by any animal, to which Mohan rebukes her for thinking so negatively about her daughter and questions what kind of mother she is.

After that, Tulsi says that they should save Gungun first while Mohan says he knows Gungun would be safe with her real mother aka Radha.

There, Kadambari tries to kill Vishwanath by pressing his face with a pillow just then, someone enters the room shocking her.

On the other hand, Tulsi tries to distract Mohan but just then, he notices the blood droplets on the ground and the guard tells him that the tiger won't leave the person once after smelling the blood.

Meanwhile, Mohan concludes that Gungun is gone towards the jungle and most probably Radha is gone after her so currently one of them is injured whose blood it is.

Then they go to search while Tulsi thinks Radha and Gungun should be eaten by the tiger.

There, Rahul enters the room and asks Kadambari what's she doing with a pillow, to which Kadambari says that Vishwanath gets pain without a soft pillow so she is putting it under his neck.

After that, Rahul praises Kadambari saying she always cares for everyone in the house and they are lucky to have her.

Meanwhile, Kadambari shows worry for Mohan, Gungun, and Tulsi, and Rahul assures her and shows his anger on Radha for Vishwanath's condition.

He wishes that the man-eater tiger should eat Radha while Kadambari tries to calm him.

There, Radha treats Gungun by finding the first aid box from one of the bags, while the tiger smells Gungun's blood and follows the blood droplets.

Radha listens to the tiger roar and sees blood droplets of Gungun.

Further, she worries for Gungun's safety as a tiger doesn't leave the person after smelling the blood.

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