Radha Mohan 8th May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 8th May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 8th May 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 8th May 2023 episode starts with Radha leaving for the office disheartened while recalling the heart-stabbing words of Mohan.

Later, Mohan stops Damini and tells her to rest for some days as she is not fully recovered yet while Damani insists on going to the office by saying that they have an important meeting.

However, Mohan thanks her for handling his business for 7 years and tells her that he is deeply indebted for her help.

Damini leaves the office while Tulsi warns Mohan that by the time he will know the truth, it will be too late.

Radha's plan

Later, in the office, Radha nervously tries to find the name of the person while looking at a contact number and she recalls an app name mentioned by Gungun.

On the other hand, Damini smirks at Radha from the distance and mutters that Radha has only today for doing her spying as her life is going to end tomorrow.

Just then, Gayatri is passing by and Radha asks her about the contact number owner's name but Gayatri makes her understand that only the company has this information and it is confidential.

After seeing Radha's restlessness Gayatri tells her that she has a friend from a telecom company and she will ask for her help.

Further, Radha thanks her as well as Banke Bihari Ji while saying that once she proves that number belongs to Damini then it shows that Damini is connected to Tulsi's death.

However, Damini gets nervous after seeing Radha talking with Gaytri and leaves with a fearful expression.

Mohan hurts Ketki

Elsewhere, Ketki intensely tells Mohan to think thoroughly about Damini while asking why Radha and Tulsi will try to blame Damini without a reason.

However, Mohan tells Ketki to stop taking Radha's side while reminding her how Radha fooled her back then.

Still, Ketki tries to tell him Damini's truth but Mohan yells at her by saying that he trusts Damini and he will, if Ketki has a problem with that then she can leave the house with Ajit.

Ketki gets hurt and leaves while Tulsi keeps telling him to apologize to Ketki, and not to hurt other family members for the sake of Damini.

In the meantime, on call, Damini tells someone that she has to destroy all the proof from her cabin as Radha is getting too close to her secrets.

Further, she says that once it is proved that the contact number belongs to Damini then it will be impossible to stop Mohan and she hangs up the call while leaving the cabin.

On the other hand, Radha eavesdrop at Damini's cabin and emotionally mutters how Damini can dare to snatch a mother from the little girl and a wife from her husband.

Further, Radha swears that she will not let Damini's sin see the next sunrise.

Damini fails Radha

Later, Radha eagerly waits for the person from the telecom company, and just then, she sees Gayatri and approaches to enquire about her query.

Gayatri says that the person will come anytime soon while asking the reason for Radha's restlessness but Radha doesn't say anything about it.

After a while, Radha sees a person from the telecom company and rushes to him to get the envelope but suddenly, Damini snatches the envelope and walks inside her cabin.

However, Radha follows her instantly but Damini reminds her about Kadambari's warning while threatening her by saying that she will throw Radha out of the office.

Radha leaves helplessly while staring at Damini, Damini closes the door and gets shocked after opening the envelope.

Damini furiously mutters that she will destroy all the proofs before Radha reaching to them and smirks by thinking that she will kill Radha tonight at 8 pm.

Elsewhere, Mohan is frustratingly crying in front of Tulsi's portrait while saying that first Tulsi and now Radha has broken him completely.

However, Tulsi helplessly tells him that they are only trying to save him from Damini but now she is scared by thinking that will Radha also lose her life same as her.

At 8 pm

Meanwhile, on the landline, Damini says that she will give all the proofs to him at 8 pm and he has to destroy them completely.

However, Radha hears everything from the receiver at her desk and mutters that rather attend the important meeting if Damini is planning to somewhere else.

Later, when the clock shows 8 pm Damini mutters that it is time to activate the plan.

Elsewhere, Kaveri prays for the victory of Damini and the end of Radha.

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