Radha Mohan 8th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 8th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug brings Mohan to a room and locks it then Mohan asks him what's the problem why he has brought him there.

Just then, Yug takes out a knife and attacks Mohan's neck to make him dead after which it turns out to be his dream then Mohan asks him what he wants to talk as he brought him in private.

After that, Yug says that he isn't able to figure out how to put it.

He adds, that he used to think Mohan is a good man thus he gave his house to him but he is after his wife first in party then office and now he even tried to flirt with her in the home that too when Manan is missing.

Meanwhile, Mohan tries to make Yug understand his point that he just trying to console Radha but Yug says he is there for it and Mohan should stay away from them.

Further, Mohan says that he'll stay away from Radha if it hurts Yug and try to find Manan while Yug says that he'll find Manan as he cares for him and he is the father Mohan just should stay away.

However, Mohan says that he was just trying to help them as a friend but Yug says Mohan isn't his friend but neighbor that too he doesn't know if he is good or bad.

After that, Mohan goes from there being hurt asking Yug to call him if he needs any help while Radha witness it from the outside after which Yug thinks that not always killing is necessary sometimes the insult and tears also work.

On the other hand, the watchman finds his tiffin in the school being afraid of his wife while Manan is in the classroom.

Just then, he senses that someone is outside thus he goes to the window and knocks it to grab the watchman's attention.

However, he can't listen to him due to the glass between window while Yug decides to prepare lady finger for Radha in the meantime, Poonam tries to asks him that whether Manan is fine or not but it irritates Yug and he threatens Poonam to cut her fingers.

Then, he says to her that Manan is alive but soon will die while Poonam shouldn't try to reveal it to anyone.

Poonam tries to make him understand while he stays firm that he won't leave the person who will try to come in middle of him and Radha.

There, Radha feels guilty for Yug and Mohan's situation while Manan breaks the glass window remembering Mohan's words and tries to call the watchman for help but he can't hear his voice as an aeroplane passes by after which the watchman finds his tiffin and goes from there.

On the other hand, Yug feels he has removed Mohan from his path and soon Manan will be died then Radha will be hims but Radha says to herself that she can't be of Yug ever.

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