Radha Mohan 8th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 8th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 8th September 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 8th September 2023 episode starts with Radha getting happy to see Mohan asking her if she has to ask him to hug her.

He nods at her while Ketki hands her a Rakhi while Ajeet stands in front of her.

Radha ties the Rakhi to his wrist while he apologizes for not doing anything to save her.

Radha-Ajeet celebrate Rakhi

Radha tells him not to cry as he has done a lot for her by taking her tantrums and loving her a lot.

Gungun also comes forward and ties a Rakhi to Radha telling her that she is her saviour as she has saved her a lot of times.

Radha asks Gungun what she wants as a gift and Gungun tells her that she wants the same thing that she asked from Mohan which is a sibling for herself.

Ketki and Kadambari tease Radha saying that they should send Radha and Mohan for honeymoon once she's out while Ajeet jokes that if they have a baby girl, it should be like Radha only.

Radha smiles as she says that whether they be a boy or a girl, they should not be strict like Mohan.

Mohan gets emotional stating that he is not strict as the family members leave to give the couple some alone time.

Radha hugs Mohan while he notices the drawing and the Bhagwat Gita.

He tells Radha that this is all fake while Radha tells him to not say that.

Mohan argues that if Banke Bihariji was true, Radha would not be in jail for a crime she did not commit.

Radha tells him that their family is alright because of Banke Bihariji and consoles him saying that he takes a test of wise people much more.

Mohan cries saying that he could not find any evidence against Damini and falls to his knees while Radha bends to hug him.

Radha encourages Mohan

Mohan cries saying that he thinks he will not be able to do anything while Radha stands up and tells him that one loses before fighting if they do not even try.

She tells him about the verse that she and Gungun were reciting and one should do their Karma which is to try without hoping for victory.

Radha tells him to not lose hope and to continue trying while Mohan asks her where her Banke Bihariji is.

Just then, the peacock feather falls from Mohan's pocket and Radha picks it up saying that Banke Bihariji is with them.

She tells him that this is their weapon and tells him to use it while stating that he has to fight and try.

Radha hands him the peacock feather and tells him that she believes he will take her back home.

The warden comes there and informs them that the visiting time is over while Radha and Mohan hug each other.

As Mohan is about to leave, Radha tells him to call the sweet shops and the decorators to decorate the house as her Mohan and Banke Bihariji's birthday is on Janmashtami.

Mohan argues with Banke Bihariji

Later, Mohan stands in front of Banke Bihariji's statue in the temple and argues with him saying that he is not supporting his biggest devotee Radha who is going to be hanged the next day.

He says that he knows Banke Bihariji is taking revenge on him for not believing in him after Tulsi had died.

Mohan cries about all the hardships that Radha had gone through and says that she did everything believing that Banke Bihariji will protect and help her.

He tells God to not test Radha so much that he breaks saying that Radha still believes in him while Mohan is breaking as he cannot find any way to save Radha.

Mohan pulls out the peacock feather and sarcastically asks the statue what should he do with it to free his Radha and states that no celebration will happen if Banke Bihariji does not save his Radha.

He cries that the statue is just a rock and leaves throwing away the peacock feather.

However, just then, he recalls the letter written by Tulsi and thinks that the letter is the evidence.

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