Radha Mohan 9th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Gungun getting angry as she asks why has she sent flowers to him while Mohan asks her to behave as if they are going to be their neighbors.

She says that will not be their neighbors as they will not shift into that home while Mohan tells her that all the procedure is done and now they can’t back off.

Gungun is shocked to see Mohan shout at her and she says that he has shouted at her for the first time, that too for Radika and that is why he doesn’t like that house and this city while he sends her to her room wondering what is wrong with her.

Just then Meera comes to him telling him that his bond with Gungun has already been through a lot and now he has very few people in her life whom she loves and he is the most precious to her and that is why she wants to hold him tight.

She suggests to Mohan that he change his decision to live in that house.

Meera’s words take everyone aback and Mohan says that he cannot fulfill Gungun’s irrational demands and adds that they have come here for Gungun’s good education and he is not going to back off from his decision and is also going today thanks to Mrs. Kohli for the flowers.

On the other hand, Radha talks to Ddi as she asks her if Yug loves her, to which she says yes and adds that she couldn’t have found a better husband than him.

She asks her if she never misses Mohan which makes her angry as she says that she doesn’t want to talk about her past and that what she has now is everything she wants.

Just then, Yug comes and says that his phone is there he wants it as Radhika returns it to him and it makes Dadi suspicious.

Meanwhile, Gungun cries in her room recalling her argument with Mohan as she says to herself that she wants to protect him from Radha whom they haven’t forgotten yet.

She pledges to herself not to let Radha return to their life and says that she is doing all this because she loves him.

In the meantime, Yug excitedly checks his phone while recalling himself putting his phone with his voice recording on in Dadi’s room and he checks the recording.

He gets to know that there is a past of Raha that he doesn’t know about and the voice note says that she loves him and Manan and she has nothing to do with her past now.

Yug feels relieved to know that Radhika loves him and dances with her dress saying Radhika is only his and laughs while Radhika sees him doing all this and she calls him from behind.

He turns around and hugs her immediately while she asks him what was he doing and he says that he wants to dance with her.

Meanwhile, Mohan wonders why Gungun doesn’t want him to buy that home and wishes her good night as she sleeps.

Back at Yug’s house, Dadi says that she wants to leave when he asks her to go but instead dances with her as they convince her to stay.

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