Radha Mohan 9th August 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th August 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th August 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 9th August 2023 episode starts with Radha being pushed to the prison by the inspector while Maa ji gets surprised at her not being granted bail.

Radha confesses to Damini manipulating her love towards Gungun thus leading her to prove in the court that Gungun is not safe under Radha.

Radha breaks down further stating Gungun's hatred towards her while maa ji consoles her by telling that she'll be out of the prison soon.

Radha gets consoled

Radha cries her heart out uncontrollably while Maa ji pules her in for a hug stating that Gungun will truly understand Radha's love for her.

Back at Mohan's Gungun feels guilty for treating Radha wrongly and sheds tears while Tulsi tells that Radha is harmless to both her and Gungun.

Gungun analyses Radha's actions later to be kidnapped by a man in white leading Tulsi to scream out but to no avail.

Gungun's realisation

Later Gungun realises that it was Mohan all along who then confesses about making a show of hating Radha stressing that not all things seen are true.

He adds that Gungun should listen to her heart telling Radha is an angel in disguise who has lightened their lives up.

He brings up Radha's selflessness adding that if she was a murderer she would never have the qualities which are in a pure heart.

Gungun listens silently and Mohan insists her again to analyse Radha from her heart helplessly.

She rejects again but Mohan ultimately makes her do it bringing Tulsi in the matter.

Gungun gets flashbacks of Radha caring for her and healing her cold heart gradually leading her to shed tears.

She finally feels guilty about her actions regarding Radha while Mohan consoles her.

Gungun terms herself as a bad girl telling that Radha will never forgive her but Mohan tells that it's okay to make mistakes.

He opens up about misunderstanding Radha too in the past after which Gungun tells that she wants to apologise to Radha.

Mohan states the impossibility of the situation but Gungun keeps crying leading Mohan to reach out for his phone.

At the jail premises the lady in charge attends to Mohan's call stating that her job too can be at risk if she continues to resort to unfairness in regards to Radha.

From the other side Gungun takes over the phone requesting her to please let her talk to Radha but to no avail.

She goes on to make the lady understand her from the perspective of her having a daughter and her feelings hurt if someone rejects her pleas of meeting her.

Gungun states that she has to apologize plus confess her love to Radha leading the lady to finally go and search for Gungun.

Meanwhile, a crying Radha hears Gungun's voice while the lady gives her the phone insisting she speak low.

Radha and Gungun look at each other with love and cry while Maa ji wakes up.

Gungun's apology 

Gungun apologises to Radha further stating that Mohan made her realise her wrong doings and Radha tells her that it's okay.

She tells Radha that she loves her a lot making Radha feel fine after which Radha extends her gratitude to Mohan.

Radha tells Gungun that it's not her fault adding that the world has always been bad to good people at the same time applauding Gungun's intelligence.

Gungun then asks who can possibly write those letters after which Radha and Mohan insist she join the dots regarding the writer of those letters.

Gungun getting alert

Gungun after a thought concludes that it is none other than Damini who wrote those letters and is responsible for Radha's present state too.

Anger presides over Gungun while Radha quotes a chapter from the Gita stating that intelligence may get hampered due to anger.

Radha insists Gungun be careful about Damini while Mohan becomes determined to uproot Damini's evil plans.

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