Radha Mohan 9th July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th July 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 9th July 2023 episode starts with Mohan allowing Gungun to play with her friends as they all rush inside to the hall while he drags away Radha to talk to her privately.

Meanwhile, Rahul, Ajeet, and Vishwanath go off to buy return gifts for the children while Ketki and Kadambari venture off to arrange food for the children.

Later, the children wrap Gungun's eyes with a silken cloth and ask her to catch all of them while Kadambari and Ketki chuckle seeing the kids play.


After a while, awaiting the correct moment Abdu goes in and bursts a balloon filled with chocolates and all the children run in greed to collect them all.

Abdu smirks after diverting the kids and goes and plays with Gungun for a while and taking her outside of the house.

Meanwhile, Mohan assures Radha that Gungun is safe as she is among her friends and family while Radha begs Mohan to let her meet Gungun once as she is restless.

Radha recalls Damini's ferociousness and tells Mohan that Gungun needs her as her intuitions point for something wrong to happen.

Forced due to Radha's staunch assertion Mohan takes Radha inside to meet Gungun.

Meanwhile, Damini tells Kaveri that Abdu is small but is so cunning that he kidnaps Gungun amidst the crowd and will also kill her successfully.

Concurrently, Mohan and Radha come inside and shout out Gungun's name finding her nowhere.

All the family members panic and assemble hearing the parents scream out for Gungun and help them look for her throughout the house.

Mohan asks the children about Gungun but they stand clueless while Kadambari gets shocked saying she just now witnessed her playing with her friends merrily.

Finding Gungun nowhere, Radha breaks down and sits on the sofa dumbstruck.


On the other hand, Gungun unties the cloth around her eyes and scolds Abdu for gate-crashing her party as she does not recognize him.

Abdu smiles and tells Gungun in a friendly way that he is her well-wisher and has brought her a lovely gift.

Tempted, Gungun receives the box and opens it to see different colored lightning balls which emit a gaseous vapor which makes immediately makes her unconscious.

Damini and Kaveri watch this by the window and chuckle that Radha was unsuccessful in teaching Gungun basic safety rules.

Meanwhile, Tulsi trapped in the balcony, shouts out to Radha and Mohan helplessly and prays to God to help out Gungun.

On the other hand, Radha notices Damini and Kadambari peering at the main door like a thief and gets dubious of their intentions.

She begins to walk towards the main door which makes Damini and Kaveri panic but it is found that there is no one present on the other side of the door when Radha opens it resolutely.

Damini smirks while Kaveri gets relief as she says now they will only get Gungun's dead body in their hands.


Meanwhile, Radha insanely shouts out Gungun's name all around when her eyes find Gungun's bracelet fallen by the entrance of Trivedi Bhawan.

She runs and shows it to everyone and goes in front of Damini threatening her to reveal the truth.

Radha grabs Damini's neck and tries to suffocate her saying she will kill the person who tries to harm her child and shouts at her to tell what she did with Gungun.

Damini enters into an emotional tone and says that even yesterday Radha blamed her but she was proven innocent because she never intends to hurt Gungun.

Radha reveals that yesterday Damini tried to hurt Gungun by buying a bomb-like candle due to which even Kaveri's face was burnt off and points at the candle for everyone to see.

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