Radha Mohan 9th July 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha scolding Gungun saying that she should stop blaming on Yug as she knows him from past 7 years.

She adds, that Yug can't kill even a mosquito then why would he kill his grandmother Pari whom he loves a lot after which Gungun questions Radha that then why Yug refused to help her when she goes to him to ask for the help.

After that, Radha says that's because Yug doesn't like her after which Gungun says that's such a small thing it can't be the reason of refusing and it was like he wanted her to drive the car.

Further, Mohan says that he isn't blaming Yug but now he also believes that someone is trying to frame Gungun and she is innocent so he'll find out that who is the person as well as why he is doing that.

Meanwhile, Radha says it's fine but she has to tell Yug about it after which Mohan and Gungun say she can't do it but Radha says it's about Yug's grandmother thus he should know about it.

However, Gungun tries to stop her but Radha says that she knows that doing mistake is easy but to accept it and remorse for it is difficult.

She adds, that if she is innocent then Mohan won't let anything happen to her after which she says that she is still Gungun's mother and loves her a lot thus Gungun shouldn't judge her for what she'll do.

Then, she runs away from there to tell Yug about Gungun while Gungun worries about Radha but Mohan consoles her after which Yug is talking to the police about Pari and Radha calls to tell him about Gungun but he doesn't pick it up.

On the other hand, Gungun worries while Mohan consoles her saying that the god will show Radha the truth after which Yug advises the police to check the CCTV footage of the area.

There, the inspector says there is no CCTV camera in that area after which Yug tells him the location of CCTV camera then the inspector questions him how he knows about it so Yug lies that he sometimes smoke ciggerate secretly there.

Meanwhile, Radha overhears this and concludes Yug is lying as he has asthma thus he can't smoke after which she goes to Mohan and Gungun and apologizes for her behaviour.

Further, she tells them about Yug's lie and her suspicion that maybe Yug is really trying to frame Gungun after which Mohan says that they were trying to make her understand the same but Radha says Yug has never lied to her and he was the perfect man all these years so how can she suspect him at first.

Later, Radha and Mohan share an emotional moment after which they go to delete CCTV footage of the area before the police reach the place and do a cute banter there when Mohan tries to go in the shop through the window.

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