Radha Mohan 9th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan starting to tell Yug about his past that many years ago there was a beautiful girl with whom he fell in love while she also loved him back.

He adds, that then they married while Radha says that Mohan shouldn't take her name as if Yug gets to know about her past everything will be destroyed.

There, Mohan continues to tell Yug that after which their daughter Gungun was born and Trivedi's family and Radha get relaxed assuming Mohan is talking about Tulsi.

Further, Mohan says that but after Gungun's birth Tulsi died and he got broken, he wouldn't had thought that it was the new start of his life.

After that, a girl made a heroic entry in his life and make him learn to live life and fall in love again, she fixed his daughter Gungun and his life.

He adds, she became Gungun's mother and everyone used to say that she has low IQ as she think something, say different, and does completely different thing but she used to love everyone a lot so she fixed a broken Mohan with her love.

Later, Mohan tells Yug that the girl did all this for him just because he had given her a Bhagwat Gita the same which he gave to Manan after which he says that the girl made Bhagwat Gita her way of living while he made her his way of living.

However, after that she broke him and his family again and left them after which she remarried and had a child.

As Mohan concludes his story he asks if Yug wants to know that girl's name after which Trivedi's family tries to stop Mohan from taking Radha's name by trying to taking him back home.

Meanwhile, Mohan refuses to go home without telling Yug the girl's name just then the police arrive there to arrest Mohan as he has been creating ruckus in the colony while Ketki and Ajeet try to convince the inspector to not take him but the inspector says that Mohan can do such a thing again that's why they have to arrest him.

After that, they arrest him while Ketki, Gungun, and Ajeet follow them to the police station after which Yug says that Mohan has become strange.

There, Radha goes from there saying she doesn't want to think about Mohan while Ajeet says to Ketki during the driving that the police should leave Mohan after giving the warning otherwise, he has to stay in the lock up tonight.

Just then, Radha blocks the police jeep overtaking it on the road while Yug tries to search Radha at home but Champi distracts him.

On the other hand, Radha asks the inspector to not arrest Mohan.

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