Radha Mohan 9th November 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th November 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th November 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 9th November 2023 episode starts with the foreigner saying that a woman like Radha who preaches about Bhagwat Geeta will be the one who will be considered a terrorist.

Meanwhile, the Trivedi family is conducting a pooja in their new house when Mohan keeps flirting with Radha leading the Pandit ji to call them ahead.

They feel anxious as they feel like they might be scolded while the Pandit ji thanks them for propagating Bhagwat Geeta in the whole world, expressing his proud feeling.

Pandit Ji informs them that he is also leaving for New Jersey as a new temple is established there, stating that he will also be present with Radha and Mohan when they are honoured.

Meanwhile, Bunty spies on them and makes their video.

Bhushan asks Kaveri and Damini to find some other shelter for themselves as he can't take their load for a long period of time.

Kaveri says that she is his elder sister to which Bhushan replies that she is a snake who has been poisoning her little sister and her family for her entire life.

As Bhushan leaves, Kaveri asks Damini if they will have to resort to begging now.

Damini replies that they still have Trivedi Printing Press and soon they will have Trivedi house too.

She adds that just like the way she didn't let that house belong to Tulsi, the same she will do to Radha.

Damini tells Mohit and Kaveri that she will also go to America as she will find foreign investors there and will also be able to ruin Radha and Mohan’s plan.

At Trivedi mansion, Bunty is instructed by his superior to take care of the saffron colour while he will take care of the green colour.

Bunty gets questioned by his boss regarding the completion of the tasks to which he replies that as soon as the house gets empty, he will start preparing the bomb.

Mohan asks Gungun to go shopping with them otherwise she will freeze in America but Gungun replies that she has to finish her homework before Diwali and that is why she does not want to go.

Bunty overhears this conversation as he sweeps the floor.

Radha wonders about leaving Gungun alone at home when Bunty steps in, volunteering to look out for Gungun.

However, she tells Mohan in his ears that Bunty is new and he should not be trusted with Gungun.

Radha turns to Bunty, asking him to find the bag that has the idol of Baki Bihari Ji while she goes to an empty corner, asking Tulsi to look over Gungun till Rahul comes back.

Tulsi assures Radha that she will take care of her.

When the Trivedis leave, Bunty invites other goons inside while Rahul arrives a few moments later and goes through the back door as the main bell is not working.

He decides to meet Gungun who is sleeping when he says that she is just like Mohan who sleeps at the sight of books.

The goons are in the room with the light on making the bomb.

Bunty asks his companions if they are with saffron or green to which they reply that they are with no one and only want doom for India.

A goon says that they will hijack Radha and Mohan’s flight and cause a big explosion while Rahul sneaks at them and hears everything.

As soon as Rahul tries to run away from there, he drops a vase which alerts the goons.

Rahul locks the room from outside and decides to call the police. 

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