Radha Mohan 9th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 9th September 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 9th September 2023 episode starts with Mohan recalling the letters and realizing that he should have thought about it sooner.

He rushes to save the peacock feather from calling into the lamp and apologizes to Banke Bihari Ji.

He thanks Banke Bihari Ji for giving him a way and requests him to not close the door that way.

Meanwhile, Damini hugs Bhushan out of happiness while he boasts about himself saying that he was not still after Mohan and Radha humiliated him.

He states that he was waiting for an opportunity to kill Radha and laughs that Mohan will be living like a dead person once she dies.

Later, Radha is praying in jail saying that she knows Mohan will save her while Damini comes there and tells her that no one is going to save her this time.

Bhushan comes out from behind Damini and states that he is going to kill her if she is still alive.

Radha rebukes Damini for teaming up with a pervert like Bhushan and tells her to remember what he did to Ketki.

Radha connects how Damini and Ketki are both his nieces and tells Damini to use her brain while Bhushan shouts at her to stop.

However, she calmly asks what will he do as she has already beaten him once in her style.

Damini tells her to continue her lecture as she'll be dead tomorrow while Radha mocks them asking how will Bhushan save Damini when he has already been beaten by her.

Radha also reminds Damini that Banke Bihari Ji wants her to celebrate her Mohanji's birthday with him and she knows she'll be celebrating it with her family.

Damini glares at her saying that she has overconfidence and tells her that she's going to be executed at 8 and not 11 in the morning.

Back at home, Mohan rushes inside the home and requests the letters from Gungun while she informs him that they are under police custody as evidence.

He states that they can save Radha as he calls Shekher and tells him to get a hold of the letters at any cost since he needs those at any cost.

Shekhar says that it is hard but he'll get them at any cost and tells Mohan to meet him in jail.

Mohan rushes away while Gungun states that she knows Banke Bihariji will help Mohan in saving Radha.

Back in jail, Damini asks Radha if she's scared while Radha turns the tables and tells her that she's the scared one since she has come to meet her the day before her execution to scare her.

Damini gets angry at Radha's confidence while Radha continues blabarring asking her if she has come to admire her.

Bhushan tells her that he's going to take revenge for the beating she gave him while Radha tells both him and Damini that villains always lose against hero and heroine.

Radha tells them to enjoy their day as from the next day she is not going to leave them once she is out of jail and tells them to leave and let her sleep.

Once the two are gone, Radha requests Banke Bihari Ji to let Mohan know somehow that her execution timing has been preponed.

At home, Gungun and the rest of the family pray for Radha to return home to Banke Bihariji.

Gungun even bribes God by giving him a swing and new clothes telling him that she will give him even more if he brings Radha back home.

She says that she'll cancel his birthday if Radha doesn't return home.

All the family members pray for Banke Bihariji while at jail, Mohan bumps into Damini and Bhushan.

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