Rajjo 12th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 12th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 12th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 12th February 2023 episode starts with Rajjo telling Arjun that Manorama was coming to them to reveal the truth when Pushkar threw her into the crocodile lake.

She even says that Manorama was saved by some local village people who cured her and she brought her home.

Arjun accuses Rajjo of betraying him by faking her situation when she knew all along that Manorama is safe.

Rajjo screams that Arjun’s disbelief forced her to do the drama to which Arjun replies that he was worried for Manorama’s safety.

She even begs Arjun to help her one more time to find Manorama as Pushkar has hidden her here somewhere.

At the same time, Manorama starts hitting the havankund with her head, capturing Rajjo’s attention and she starts inspecting the havankund by pressing her ears on the top.

Everyone watches Rajjo’s action with irritation and Rajjo suddenly announces that Manorama is inside the havan kund.

With a hammer, Rajjo starts hitting the havan kund to break it while Pushkar starts sweating like crazy due to fear.

Taking the hammer from Rajjo’s hand, Arjun starts hitting the havan kund, bringing out Manorama in an unconscious state.

As Jhilmil accuses Manorama and Rajjo of doing drama again, Manorama announces that many years ago Pushkar played with her resulting in Rajjo’s birth.

Manorama reveals that to keep this a secret, Pushkar has tried to kill her many times while glaring at Pushkar.

Manorama also states that the first time Pushkar hit her with a car and another time he threw her in the crocodile lake alive.

Rajjo chimes in, yelling that she recorded Pushkar’s revelation on camera but Pushkar destroyed it.

As Rajjo starts accusing Pushkar, Kalindi, and Niharika both come to defend him while Madhu starts worrying thinking that if the recording gets out, her ill deeds may come out.

Arjun and Chirag both announce to check Pushkar’s cloth when Madhu, Kalindi, and Niharika continue defending Pushkar who has turned pale.

Pushkar announces that Rajjo and Manorama have gone mad and Madhu announces that she will not anyone disrespect Pushkar on her watch.

Even Kalindi and Chirag get into an argument about this but Chirag says that he is doing this to save Pushkar’s image.

After searching Pushkar, Arjun, and Chirag don’t find anything, confusing Rajjo as she is sure Pushkar has some kind of proof with him.

Noticing the necklace around Pushkar’s neck, Rajjo snatches it furiously mumbling that Pushkar only wears a black necklace.

Rajjo shows the necklace to everyone while ordering everyone to play this to know the truth.

Grabbing Pushkar’s collar, Rajjo starts revealing how he lured Manorama into a love trap and threw her away after using her.

Rajjo reveals that Pushar tried to kill her when Jhilmil blames Manorama for having an illicit relationship with Pushkar.

However, Niharika supports Rajjo saying that she is not blind whereas Manorama apologizes to Rajjo for not telling the truth sooner.

As Pushkar tries to run away, Arjun stops him saying that now it is his time to suffer, pointing toward the police entering.

Niharika expresses her disappointment by saying that she always thought Pushkar is her idol when Jhilmil urges Niharika to stop Pushkar from getting arrested.

Pushkar reminds Kalindi that she is his princess but Kalindi turns away.

As the police take Pushkar away, a flashback shows Manorama telling Rajjo that she is her mother and father, both.

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