Rajjo 12th September 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 12th September 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 12th September 2022 Written Update: Rajo written update

Today's Rajjo 12th September 2022 episode starts with everyone dancing and celebrating while Rajjo and Arjun keep looking at each other.

Further, Kalindi offers the first bite of the cake to Chirag who declines and feeds her the cake instead.

However, she forgets her daughter and goes to feed the cake to Pushkar while Swara goes and feeds the cake to Sai.

Later, Arjun brings the cake for Rajjo upstairs while Pushkar gets irritated by their interaction.

Arjun gives the cake to Rajjo and asks her about her birthday after which he puts the cake on her face.

However, she runs after him and they both fall on the bed with Rajjo on top of him.

Arjun gets lost in her eyes while she puts her cheek to his cheek to cover it in the cake too.

Just then, Arjun gets a call and he suddenly gets away from Rajjo and leaves while telling Rajjo to wash her eye properly since she has got cake in her eye.

Meanwhile downstairs, everyone gives gifts to Kalindi, and Chirag is asked what he brought for her.

However, he responds that he didn't bother since Kalindi returns everything he buys for her.

Kalindi curtly gives a reply that he buys useless things and picks up the bag gifted by Rocky saying that she likes the bag.

Madhu praises Rocky saying that he is her sister's son and has class taste.

Everyone starts playing Antakashari while Pushkar goes upstairs to get rid of Rajjo.

He imagines putting Rajjo in the suitcase and throwing her into the dumpster while Rajjo goes outside owing to her not being able to see anything.

Before Pushkar can do anything, Rajjo falls from the terrace and shouts for Arjun who manages to catch her in time and saves her.

Rajjo starts crying being scared while Arjun calms her and tells her to not cry anymore.

Madhu shouts at her son and he immediately lets go of Rajjo and puts her on the ground.

However, his bracelet and her thread get tangled which angers Madhu even more.

She brings a candle and keeps it between Arjun and Rajjo's hands burning and separating their bracelets from each other.

Afterward, Madhu asks Arjun who this girl is and why he's caring for her as he knows her by her name.

Urvashi and the rest of the family members also start asking Arjun questions.

Arjun tells the family the whole situation of how Rajjo reached Lucknow and ended up in his room in a suitcase.

Urvashi is baffled that Rajjo is with Arjun since the day of the engagement while Madhu keeps scolding Arjun for betraying her trust and keeping a young girl in his room.

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