Rajjo 14th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 14th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 14th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 14th February 2023 episode starts with Niharika telling Arjun that she knows Pushkar has caused trouble in Rajjo and Arjun’s lives.

Niharika apologizes to Arjun for Pushkar’s acts to which Arjun replies that Niharika does not need to apologize.

Bringing some stuff, Niharika mentions that everything will be all right today between Rajjo and Arjun.

Arjun starts sweating like crazy when Niharika orders him to make tonight special while Chirag puts a hand on his forehead.

Meanwhile, in Rajjo’s room, Rajjo tells Manorama that Manorama is right and that Arjun will never divorce her.

Rajjo states that Arjun is dumb so she needs to be mature in the relationship and Manorama orders her to dress up since Rajjo looks like a ghost in this dress.

On the other hand, Niharika orders Arjun to take a shower and put nice perfume on while she and Chirag decorate Arjun’s room.

Chirag orders Arjun to express his love to Rajjo when Arjun mentions that Rajjo does not understand anything.

After Arjun goes to dress up, Chirag and Niharika start decorating Arjun’s room.

In the meantime, Madhumalti announces that they need to keep Pushkar’s act a secret to protect their family’s reputation.

Mukund then orders Mandhumalti to think about his and Swara’s matter to which Madhu replies that everything is ready.

Jhilmil tries to object , tating that they should meet some more doctors for Swara’s treatment as she is sure Swara can conceive.

Mukund and Madhumalti both order Jhilmil to stop supporting Swara because Mukund needs a fertile wife to continue their lineage.

Madhumalti even yells that if she could, she would have thrown Rajjo out of Arjun’s life sooner.

At the same time, Sawara arrives there who informs everyone that she has something to say.

Meanwhile, Manorama and Arjun’s sister are doing Rajjo’s makeup who is sitting there like a nervous wreck.

When Rajjo says that makeup is gone overboard, Arjun’s sister informs her that she is blushing due to Arjun not having makeup.

Arjun’s sister even comments that Arjun is ready to celebrate his first night and date together, making Rajjo blush even more.

On the other hand, Arjun thanks Niharika for decorating the room while Chirag brings a champagne bottle.

Arjun informs Chirag that he does not drink alcohol to which Chirag replies that it is for strength only so Rajjo and Arjun both can confess their feelings to each other.

Later, Kalindi scolds Niharika for decorating Arjun’s room as Rajjo is the one who sent Puhskar behind bars.

Kalindi even reveals that Pushkar will get punished for two murders and the police have found evidence against him.

Hearing everything, Niharika reveals that she knows her father cannot do any of this, and Rajjo and Manorama are after money.

She further states that poor people like Manorama trap rich people like Pushkar.

When Kalindi asks Niharika about her plan, Niharika shows her a packet while saying that maybe Arjun cannot throw Rajjo out of Thakur's mansion but Rajjo certainly can leave.

On one hand, Manorama tells Rajjo from today Rajjo and Arjun will start their married life; on the other hand, Niharika makes Arjun drink alcohol which contains a drug.

Later, Rajjo enters the room with nervous happiness when she finds clothes scattered on the floor.

As she looks up, she finds Niharika and Arjun sleeping on the bed together naked.

Niharika very cunningly blames alcohol for this, stating that they have done everything due to it while Rajjo stands there like a statue.

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