Rajjo 15th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 15th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 15th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 15th February 2023 episode starts with Niharika acting shocked seeing Rajjo and apologizing to her.

She makes an excuse that she and Arjun, were drunk, and due to it, everything happened between them.

Arjun wakes up just then and is shocked to see the situation while Rajjo runs out of the room.

She finally loses her balance in the hall and falls to the ground crying as she recalls her mother's words.

Meanwhile, Madhu is angry that no one is there for her announcement while Kalindi states that everyone is busy doing things for Rajjo.

Swara comes there while Rajjo also arrives there disturbed.

Kalindi congratulates Niharika in her head while Swara stops Rajjo from leaving.

Meanwhile, in Arjun's room, both Niharika and Arjun are putting on their garments while Arjun says that he cannot remember anything after having the champagne.

However, Niharika tells him to not take it as a joke and makes up a story about how he stopped her from leaving the previous night and they both got carried away in emotions.

Arjun goes downstairs while Niharika thinks to herself that she had to do this to get revenge on Rajjo for taking her father away from her.

Madhu informs the family members that Swara is pregnant and everyone congratulates her.

Jhilmil says that she is happy Swara got pregnant otherwise, she was thinking of getting her and Mukund divorced.

Madhu tells Jhilmil to not joke about this while Swara hugs Rajjo and tells her that she has to stay with her for the nine months coming.

Arjun comes there and Rajjo leaves from there while Swara goes after her, seeing her upset expression.

Kalindi goes to Niharika and slaps her for doing such a low thing while Niharika warns her that if she slaps her back, she will have to sleep on only one side for two days.

Niharika further explains to her that nothing happened between her and Arjun since she had spiked Arjun's drink to make him fall unconscious.

Kalindi is glad that nothing happened to her sister and tells her that they will take Arjun away from Rajjo as their revenge.

Elsewhere, Swara reveals to Rajjo that she is not pregnant to keep her from leaving and tells her that she has to help her anyhow.

Elsewhere, Madhu feeds Mukund sweets and tells congratulates him while telling him that all he has to do from now on is keep Swara happy so that she gives birth to a healthy baby.

Jhilmil tells Mukund to make sure that Swara does not get worried or else she will give birth to a baby girl and states that she wants a grandson.

Madhu scolds her and says that she knows why Jhilmil wants a grandson only.

Further, Jhilmil gives a list of things to decorate the child's room while Madhu tells them to ask Arjun or her husband.

Jhilmil annoying asks if it's right for Mukund to ask for money every time he needs something like a peon and Madhu states that he will be given responsibility after he becomes the father of a child.

Meanwhile, Rajjo promises to help Swara and calms her while asking her why she lied.

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