Rajjo 16th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 16th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 16th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 16th February 2023 episode starts with Swara explaining to Rajjo that whatever she did was because of her helpless situation as it is very difficult for her to get pregnant.

Rajjo asks Swara if Mukund beats her in private to which Swara replies that physical violence is one thing but Mukund abuses her verbally every day.

Swara says the way Mukund always insults her and belittles her in their relationship has become unbearable to her.

Rajjo asks Swara what the test results from the doctor were to which Swara replies that they were perfectly fine but still, she cannot conceive a baby.

Swara tells Rajjo that she saw Mukund talking to Jhilmil and Madhumalti about giving her a divorce which she cannot let happen as her entire life depends on this marriage.

Swara explains to Rajjo that she has no one except Mukund and the Thakur family as her parents already died after a few years of her marriage.

Seeing Swara in such a helpless situation, Rajjo understands how the Thakur family takes advantage of people and throws them out when they are not needed anymore.

Rajjo promises Swara that she will be there with her and help her to overcome this crisis but asks Swara how long she can sustain herself by telling such a lie.

Meanwhile, Madhumalti and Jhilmil ask Mukund to look after Swara now that she is pregnant and needs special care.

Jhilmil prays for a grandson and says that no daughter will be there as God has a special boon over their family.

They walk toward the kitchen to talk to Swara while Rajjo and Swara hug each other as Swara gets nervous about how she will manage to hide her lie.

Rajjo assures Swara that she will manage everything by herself, making Swara thank her for her help.

Madhumalti and Jhilmil come along with Mukund and ask Swara what help she is asking from Rajjo to which Swara replies that she was feeling a bit nervous.

As Mukund tries to demeanor Swara again, Jhilmil and Madhumalti stop him and ask Swara to rest as they have called the best doctor to check on her.

After they leave, Rajjo asks Swara to rest as she will think about how to manage the situation and spots Arjun standing in the hallway.

Arjun stops Rajjo from closing her door as she walks past him without saying anything.

Arjun requests Rajjo to get angry at him and throw insults in his direction but not give him that silent treatment anymore.

Rajjo tells him that everything is over between them while Arjun tries to convince her that it was a mistake done due to alcohol.

Arjun refuses to admit as Rajjo says that he always regarded Niharika as a more important person than her and trusted her more.

Rajjo says that she was blinded by love and could not see how she was the only person in their relationship from the beginning.

Arjun stops Rajjo by holding her hand as she tries to walk away and says that he cannot let Rajjo leave him as he cannot live without her.

Rajjo replies that whatever was started by her will be ended by her as she doesn't love the person Arjun has become.

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