Rajjo 18th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 18th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 18th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 18th February 2023 episode starts with Arjun telling Niharika that she is just his friend and nothing more than that, leaving Niharika in a bad mood.

Arjun says that he knows that whatever he did with her was very bad and it is a mistake that he regrets to this date but that does not mean he loves her.

Niharika listens silently as Arjun tells her he only loves Rajjo and cannot ever think about another woman.

Acting innocent in front of Arjun, Niharika pretends to be an understanding victim and says that she knows Arjun has no evil intentions.

Arjun tells Niharika that they cannot remain friends anymore as due to that night his and Rajjo’s relationship is on the edge of getting over.

Niharika tells Arjun that she asked him to come to meet her for another purpose and hands over an envelope to him.

Arjun opens it and gets shocked to see divorce papers in them, having Rajjo’s finger stamp as her signature.

A flashback shows how Niharika finds the divorce papers without Rajjo’s signature and adds her fingerprint to show them like Rajjo’s ones.

Arjun gets broken emotionally on seeing the divorce papers and asks Niharika how she got them.

Niharika tells Arjun that Rajjo may have sent them to her as she found them in her gym bag without spotting any person.

Meanwhile, Mukund blames Swara for not taking care of herself and losing their baby as it was very difficult for her to get pregnant.

Swara tries to defend herself and says that she slipped by mistake while Rajjo asks Mukund to blame her as she is the reason Swara fell.

Madhumalti agrees with Rajjo and says that it is entirely her fault that Swara lost her baby and calls Rajjo bad luck.

Chirag asks Madhumalti not to say such things as Rajjo made a mistake without knowing the consequences.

Madhumalti says that they have lost their happiness from the day Rajjo entered their family as she is a bad omen and destroys everyone around her.

Jhilmil holds onto Rajjo and asks her to confess that whatever she did was intentional as she wants revenge on their family.

Madhumalti pushes Rajjo toward the exit of the house but Arjun catches her from falling to the floor.

However, Rajjo retracts her hands from Arjun after she spots Niharika standing behind Arjun at the entrance.

Arjun asks the family members who they are to throw Rajjo out of the house and announces that Rajjo will leave by herself.

Rajjo gets shocked as Arjun presents the divorce papers with his signature on it while Rajjo’s finger stamp gets covered by Arjun’s hand.

Arjun says that he has signed the divorce papers and now, Rajjo is free from this marriage and him.

Chirag tries to stop Arjun from breaking off the marriage but Arjun says that it was Rajjo’s wish to end it.

As everyone starts arguing over the matter of divorce, Rajjo asks everyone to be silent and says that this day is her last day in the Thakur house.

Later, Rajjo finds the old divorce papers with her sign and tosses them away as she confronts Manorama who asks her to talk with Arjun once.

Manorama tells Rajjo that she knows everything and tells her that she will support her whatever decision she takes.

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