Rajjo 1st March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 1st March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 1st March 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 1st March 2023 episode starts with Arjun informing Rajjo that he had decided the day Manorama was hidden, that he will take Rajjo far away from the house so they can live happily.

Rajjo says it will be difficult for Arjun to stay without his family but Arjun tells that he can sacrifice if Rajjo stays with him.

Rajjo puts logic and sense to him that Pushkar and Niharika will destroy the Thakur family if they leave now and she also says that he will never tell Rajjo but deep inside his heart, he will think Rajjo is the guilty one.

She is also tensed about leaving Manorama alone and asks him that because they love each other, they have to fight but stay with the family and inside the Thakur house only.

Arjun's determination finally breaks as he decides to fight for Rajjo and his family.

Meanwhile, Kalindi calls for Arjun, but there is no response from inside the room.

Kalindi walks through the corridor, thinking Arjun might have run away from the marriage.

Suddenly she sees Chirag and Swara, who are crying and are trying to tell something but stop after seeing Kalindi.

She informs Chirag and later Madhumalti that Arjun might have escaped from the marriage as they cannot find him anywhere in the house.

Chirag says that her "Lalla" just escaped and Madhumalti gets angry and slaps Chirag.

Suddenly, Arjun enters the house and Madhumalti asks him if he went to meet Rajjo and bad mouth her.

However, Arjun sides with Rajjo and leaves for the time being.

Kalindi then tells Madhumalti, she shouldn't have slapped Chirag but she also doubts Chirag to help Arjun meet with Rajjo because Arjun not only agreed to marry Niharika without any protest but also didn't talk about meeting Rajjo.

Madhumalti and Kalindi plan to keep an eye on Arjun and also not trust Chirag.

Madhumalti asks Kalindi to help Arjun get ready and bring him to the wedding pavilion.

Meanwhile, Rajjo cries to Chirag as she feels guilty about not informing everything to Chirag while Arjun is also there.

He also apologizes to her as he thought that Rajjo was mentally unstable.

Suddenly, they both start to point out Arjun's mistake one by one as Rajjo complains that he also gave her divorce and almost hits Arjun for that.

Arjun also says not to hit him and they all laugh together.

Chirag asks what they have planned to stop Arjun's marriage to which Rajjo says that they had to hide Amit only to have him spill the truth at the right time because Amit is the father of Niharika's child.

She informs what happened when the lights went off and Arjun reveals that he smelled paint inside the room to which Chirag understands that Niharika put fake blood inside the room intentionally so that they think Amit is injured or dead.

Rajjo tells that they need to find Amit as soon as possible to which Chirag kiddingly tells he needs to be paid to distract the family members from their plan.

Rajjo finally puts on her face cover and leaves the room with Arjun.

Meanwhile, Madhumalti hurries to take Niharika downstairs and when asked, she confesses that she is afraid of Rajjo inside Arjun's heart.

However, Madhumalti tells Niharika to calm down and confirms that she will be the one to marry Arjun.

She then asks Madhumalti to make Arjun sit inside the wedding pavilion while she needs to give Swara some work.

On the other hand, Rajjo comes out of a room while Arjun walks through the corridor and bumps into each other while she informs him that she cannot find Amit nowhere inside the house.

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