Rajjo 20th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 20th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 20th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 20th February 2023 episode starts with police entering the Thakur house with an arrest warrant to arrest Arjun.

All are shocked and Rajjo questions who filed the complaint against him.

Kalindi discloses that Arjun had spent a night with her sister, Niharika, while he was drunk & which is why she called the police.

Madhumalti goes into shock as Arjun confirms the news, saying he was drunk that night and does not remember anything clearly, which makes the police finally arrest and take him away.

A few moments ago

Rajjo is seen leaving with her luggage and Manorama offers to call for a taxi.

Madhumalti asks Rajjo to wait outside the house, which is a proper place for her.

However, before she leaves, Chirag offers to pack some food and takes her into the kitchen.

At the breakfast table, Madhumalti is happy for Rajjo as she is finally leaving and will not torture them.

Meanwhile, in Arjun's room, he is in a delusion as if Rajjo is calling him to stop her as she is leaving forever.

In the kitchen, Chirag offers Rajjo to have some pickles along with the packed food.

Just then, Niharika enters the kitchen in search of her protein shake bottle and suddenly runs towards the bathroom to puke due to the smell of the pickles, which makes Rajjo think that Niharika is pregnant.

However, Niharika is just faking it to create more trouble between Rajjo and Arjun.

Rajjo informs Manorama that Niharika is pregnant and they discuss what might have happened between Arjun and Niharika that night or whether this is all a trap to frame Arjun for no reason.

Rajjo decides not to leave, but rather fight against them for framing Arjun for the night.

She takes Niharika into a room and asks the truth about her pregnancy.

Niharika clearly denies the pregnancy while Rajjo confronts her by stating that Niharika is pregnant before and to make someone the father of her child, she took advantage of Arjun and framed him.

Niharika confirms the truth and Rajjo threatens to spill her truth.

However Niharika, without getting scared, says that even if the truth is spilled, then she will lie saying Arjun & her have been seeing each other for a very long time.

They get into a conflict and Niharika states that she will destroy Arjun as well as Rajjo's marital life but Rajjo accepts the challenge, determined to defeat her.

In Arjun's room, he is tense about Rajjo and suddenly Rajjo enters the room, crying, and hugs Arjun.

Rajjo almost confirms Niharika's truth to Arjun but Chirag enters the room to break the news about the police.

The flashback ends

Downstairs, at present, police wait to arrest Arjun as Kalindi discloses that she filed the complaint about Arjun because he spent the night with Niharika and is now denying any relationship between them.

When Rajjo tries to tell the truth to everyone, Kalindi stops Rajjo and sides with Niharika.

Madhumalti stops everyone and asks Arjun about his and Niharika's relationship.

However, Arjun, neither confirms nor denies it because he was drunk that night and the police announce that as FIR has been filed, he will definitely be arrested.

Madhumalti cries as the police take Arjun away, while Rajjo promises that she will definitely bring the truth in front of everyone.

The Bollywood song 'Salamat' is heard in the background as Arjun gets far away from the house in the police car, staring at Rajjo who stands on the road, helpless, to see Arjun go away.

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