Rajjo 21st February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 21st February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 21st February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 21st February 2023 episode starts with Madhu crying to Chirag to call everyone home.

She cries that she can not see Arjun in jail.

Meanwhile, Rajjo stops Kalindi and tells her to take back the complaint knowing that Arjun is innocent.

However, Kalindi tells the family members that she is not lying and reveals to them that Niharika is pregnant.

Niharika comes there just then and argues with Kalindi while saying that she will go to the police station and bring back Arjun.

Kalindi stops her while saying that Arjun is at fault since he lied to Niharika and made relations with her.

However, Kalindi states that the main person at fault is Rajjo since Arjun had promised Niharika to get married to her as soon as he gets divorced from Rajjo.

Kalindi and Chirag get into an argument while Chirag states that he wants Niharika to get tested to prove that the baby is Arjun.

Niharika starts sweating while Rajjo asks her if she's scared.

Kalindi speaks up and starts talking about Manorama stating that no one asked for tests or proof when Pushkar was blamed.

Later, Chirag talks to the commissioner and tells Madhu that the chances of him getting bailed are slim due to the heavy ness of the charges on him.

Madhu begs Kalindi to not put her son in jail while Kalindi replies that she does not want to punish Arjun but only wants justice for her sister.

Rajjo continues staring at Niharika and later, she ends up standing outside the jail as Pushkar is bailed.

Pushkar walks towards Rajjo and applauds Niharika and Kalindi for doing everything to get him bailed out.

Niharika looks at Rajjo and states that Rajjo should be thanked too.

However, Pushkar responds that she owed it to him since he is her father too.

Rajjo angrily states that she has done her part of the deal and now, it is time for them to do their part of the deal.

She demands to get Arjun bailed from the police staring while Pushkar states that he has a condition.

Rajjo gets angry and says that that was not a part of the plan while Pushkar states that he has two choices between seeing jailed got the rest of his life or marrying Niharika if she wants to see Arjun out of the jail.

Later at home, Rajjo is worried while Niharika and Kalindi celebrate their victory by sipping on fruit wine.

Niharika thanks Kalindi for becoming the villain in front of the family while Kalindi states that their actions needed to look real.

Just then, Kalindi questions Niharika and asks her who is the real father of the child.

Meanwhile, Rajjo is at the police station talking to Arjun who states that the phone conversations are a lie.

Arjun apologizes to Rajjo for that night and tells her that he wants her to believe that he did not have that conversation with Niharika or promised to marry her.

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