Rajjo 22nd January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 22nd January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 22nd January 2023 episode starts with Arjun feeling terrible about the fact that he has to leave Rajjo and go and she is nowhere around to be found.

Arjun is upset that he might not get a chance to say goodbye to Rajjo when Swara enters and tells him that Rajjo is nowhere but in his heart.

Swara then tells Arjun that Sid and Rajjo are out for some business.

Arjun goes into his room when Madhumalti enters and requests him not to go to America as she will never force him to get closer to Rajjo.

Madhumalti says that everyone in the house is miserable because he is leaving and she joins hands in front of Arjun, asking for forgiveness so that he stays back in the house.

Arjun says that he will stay back at the house only if Madhumalti comes clean with Rajjo and begs for her forgiveness.

Madhumalti remains quiet and Arjun assumes that her answer is not affirmative.

Meanwhile, at Guru Ma’s place, Rajjo and Chirag sit in front of Guru ma and introduce themselves as Chi Chi and Rachel.

Rajjo notices that Chirag’s fake beard is coming out and a guard is noticing him.

She immediately starts overreacting about seeing a mouse at the corner of the room while Chirag fixes his beard.

Rajjo then complains that Guru ma’s workers look at them as if they have no faith in them and starts getting up saying that they will go to another Guru ma and discuss their million-dollar money problem with her.

Guruma stops Rajjo when she listens about the money and asks what is her problem to which Rajjo says that her aunt is the heir to a million-dollar company and is not married and Rachel and Chi Chi want that money but will only get it if their Aunt dies.

Guru ma gets Madhumalti’s call but she declines it as she thinks that now she is dealing with a much larger bait than Madhumalti.

Guru Maa says that she will give Rajjo a liquid that has to mix with her Aunt’s food which will kill her in a year.

Rajjo says that they do not have time as Rachel has to marry her boyfriend and cannot wait a year.

Guru Ma says that if she finds a year very long, then she can tell her aunt that her horoscope is flawed and she can only live up to a year.

Rajjo happily thinks to herself how fast did Guru ma come up with a choice which proves that she is a fraud and also a killer.

Rajjo says that her aunt is very literate and smart and cannot be deceived so easily.

She then asks Guruma how many rich people has she manipulated and deceived to which Guru ma replies that she has deceived Madhumalti and has lied to her that her son Arjun is cursed with an untimely death.

Guruma says that she told Madhumalti that if Arjun consummates his marriage with Rajjo, only then he will be saved from the death curse as it will be transferred to Rajjo.

In fact, Guru ma was the one who asked Madhumalti to marry Arjun to Rajjo.

Guru ma has also taken a lot of money in the name of donations from Madhumalti.

Rajjo is heartbroken while Chirag is furious at the revelation, however before they could say anything, Jhilmil enters with the Gold flooded plate for Guruma.

Guru ma’s guards take Jhilmil out after taking the plate of gold from her at which Guru ma says that she will have this gold distributed among the poor as she has no use for money.

Her tone doesn't go with the words she uttered which confirms to Rajjo and Chirag that Guru ma is a big fraud.

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