Rajjo 24th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 24th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 24th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 24th February 2023 episode starts with Rajjo and Arjun finally being able to find Niharika's phone and deciding to make use of the evidence.

However, when they try to sneak out of the room, they hear footsteps and it is Kalindi entering the room.

In a flashback, Rajjo and Arjun hug each other and Rajjo promises Arjun she will show others what true love is and prove him innocent. 

Meanwhile, Chirag makes Madhumalti understand that as the divorce papers are still yet to be approved by the court, Arjun is still Rajjo's husband and so he cannot marry Niharika anytime soon.

However, Madhumalti is determined to bring Niharika as Arjun's wife because Rajjo has already left the house which is almost like their divorce.

Chirag asks whether Arjun can keep Niharika happy because he will still think about Rajjo only.

Kalindi stops him by saying that Niharika is going to the mother of Arjun's child.

Madhumalti announces that no guests need to come and the servants will be stopped from clicking pictures so their family's reputation won't be at stake.

On the other hand, Arjun waits outside his house and Rajjo pretends to come as a ghost, wearing a red Rajasthani attire and her anklets ringing.

Arjun is tense if anyone has seen her and she consoles him and they hug each other.

'Tera Fitoor' song plays in the background while Arjun expresses he is angry because Rajjo is too eager to get him married but Rajjo asks him to be practical.

She informs him that the arrangements for the wedding will be made in a Rajasthani style so Rajjo and Manorama will cover their face and enter like one of those working dancing women.

She plans to sneak into the Thakur house and when there is a chance, she will collect Niharika's blood sample to test who is her child's father.

Arjun apologizes for making her life in such a condition but they both take this challenge as a war to fight against Niharika and reach the truth.

The next morning, Kalindi welcomes the working women, and Rajjo and Manorama are hiding among them.

Arjun pretends to drop the phone to inform Rajjo that Niharika is nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Chirag asks for Niharika's phone to keep it aside so that she doesn't post pictures of the wedding.

Arjun comes to Chirag to ask for the cupboard keys and after Chirag goes, Rajjo enters the room and they both find Niharika's phone.

Suddenly, Chirag re-enters the room and Rajjo hides inside the cupboard.

Chirag is very upset with Arjun because he is marrying Niharika as soon as he left Rajjo who was a much better person for Arjun.

Arjun asks Chirag to trust him because he knows he is doing the right thing.

Downstairs, Kalindi directs the women to work and arrangements but Kalindi thinks one of them is missing but Manorama manages the situation as she says one of them went upstairs to work.

Meanwhile, Niharika is upset because the decorations are still not done and Kalindi asks her to not think about this and get ready.

On the other hand, Chirag believes in Arjun and after he goes, Rajjo comes out of the cupboard and they find Niharika's phone again.

Manorama watches as Kalindi goes upstairs to find the fourth woman who is actually Rajjo in disguise.

Inside the room, Arjun finds a contact that has been called repeatedly.

Arjun informs Rajjo that he has found pills from a cafe before and is sure Niharika meets with her boyfriend in that cafe.

As they almost get out of the room, Kalindi enters that room but Rajjo and Arjun successfully hide in a corner.

However, Kalindi finds a phone on the ground near where they are hiding and she bends down to pick it up.

Manorama has also entered the room while Rajjo is in terror, hiding with Arjun and watches Kalindi pick up the mobile phone from the ground.

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