Rajjo 24th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 24th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 24th January 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 24th January 2023 episode starts with Manorama yelling that she cannot let Rajjo stay in the Thakur mansion anymore.

Earlier that day, Arjun announces that no one in this house will trust Madhumalti again for her blind faith in black magic and mentions that from now on, not even Siya will trust Madhumalti’s words.

Arjun further apologizes to everyone for going away from them without telling them the proper reason.

Looking at Rajjo, Arjun tells her that this is the same mother who wishes Rajjo good but also wants her to die.

Arjun even orders Madhumalti to apologize to Rajjo; if Rajjo decides to punish her, she needs to accept it.

However, Manorama screams at Madhumalti for using her daughter as a scapegoat and even calls her heartless for being willing to sacrifice someone else’s child’s life for her own son.

Manorama also accuses Madhu of making the proverb about a girl arriving at her in-laws’ home alive and leaving the home after death.

Madhumalti tries to justify her mistake by reminding everyone that Rajjo is all right now but Kalindi along with Swarna announces that now they are also scared for their lives.

When Madhumalti praises Rajjo for bringing the truth out, Manorama announces that no one can harm Rajjo as she has the blessing of Mahakaal (Lord Shiva).

Looking at Arjun, Manorama yells that it is Arjun’s love that has protected Rajjo from every bad thing.

Manorama even reminds them how Rajjo has done everything to protect the Thakur family but they have only caused her pain.

While Rajjo is sobbing there silently, Manorama and Pratap urge Rajjo to talk.

Rajjo asks Madhumalti how she can give her the right to call her mom yet chose to wait for her to die.

Rajjo even announces that she used to justify Madhu’s bad behavior toward her as she used to think Madhumalti loved Arjun very much.

Everyone stands there silently as Rajjo continues accusing Madhumalti of planning her death.

Rajjo is about to fall due to stress but Arjun holds her.

Afterward, all the family members start to chide Madhumalti who just stands there like a puppet and Jhilmil announces that they should also consider that Madhumalti is a mother that’s why she did this for Arjun’s safety.

Jhilmil further announces that from now on she will be the head of the family causing Madhumlati to look at her with eyes full of betrayal.

She even urges Madhu not to worry as she will take good care of the family but Madhumalti does not utter any words.

Madhumalti then apologizes to everyone for her mistake and promises that she will send Guru ma to jail from now on.

Arjun orders Madhumalti to apologize to Rajjo as no one is interested to know her future plan with Guru ma but Madhumalti does not let go of her ego.

At the same time, Mukund mentions that due to Madhumalti's plan, their business will suffer a loss since Arjun is going abroad and Pratap orders Arjun to sign a paper which will state Mukund will do the business deals.

Afterward, everyone starts arguing about Madhumalti apologizing to Rajjo but Rajjo orders everyone to stop and she also requests Manorama to see how Arjun was willing to run away to save her life.

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